By PigPen - United States
Today, I had lunch with friends I hadn't seen in years. We took a few group shots with my camera, and I went home and downloaded them to my computer. Seeing them on my monitor, I noticed a yellow spot on my black shirt, so I looked down. A big, dried booger was stuck there. FML
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How could he NOT notice their longing eyes fixated on it? I'm sure at least one of his friends was longing to just reach over, pick it off, and let it meet the loving caress of their tongue, which would soon force the boogery sweetness down their esophagus and into the acidic confines of their stomach.

  sprocketlaunch  |  14

as logical as that sounds, he would have smelt the exquisite scent of booger himself, and fought his friends to the death over this treasure. after he secured victory, he would have taken it to a secluded place to eat it, and then get all the girls because he became the alpha male. so your argument is flawed.

By  bxgurl95  |  0

Um wow... I see where that would be kinda embarassing but I don't think u would wanna fyl over that but its annoying becuase that happened to me and the person who told me was my mom :/

  Vaetrus  |  0

Exactly. Not a FML. And not a big deal? Maybe they thought it was a mustard stain. Or maybe you are the only one in your circle of friends who gives a crap about that sort of thing.