By kdeeeceee - United States
Today, my girlfriend and I had dinner at my boss's house. Just before we were ready to eat, my girlfriend came to me with a desperate look in her eyes. Apparently, she took a dump, clogged the toilet, and it flooded. I took the hit for her, and now my boss thinks I'm a jackass. FML
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  kaprookie  |  3

This is what I meant to say, stupid editing time restrictions:
63 - No thats the conundrum, boss = job, job = money, money = girlfriend BUT girlfriend > boss. Girlfriend will always be greater than boss but job and money all equal the same and when you have those two they equal girlfriend but girlfriend is greater then boss making those other two mute but you need money and a job to have a girlfriend even though girlfriend comes before boss all the time, confused? I am.

By  ChaeRi  |  3

Aw, at least we can confirm three things now.
1) Karma will flow your way,
2) You're a gentleman and
3) Moral of the story? Never take a dump in your boss's house.