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Today, I told my dad that I had a herpes infection. He said, "Good." FML
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All the conclusion jumping in here makes me dizzy. I hope all of you realise you can get herpes if you have sex just once and you use protection. I also hope none of you find that out the hard way. Not saying that's the case here, just saying it could be.

Get tested you assholes, learn about STDs, choose your partners better, and stop being dumb. If you're one of those assholes that doesn't tell their partners about their STDs, that's illegal and **** you.


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I'm the first to comment but that sucks op

who cares that you're first? well at least you didn't just say "FIRST!" That sucks OP. Go tell your mom about what happened, and he may not be your dad for long.

We don't need more idiots to spread around the virus. If he is a dick now then this probably isn't the first time. I bet he also acts like this to the wife. If possible tell your mom what happened and he may not be your daddy for long.

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I don't know why you would tell your dad in the first place, you can get rid of herpes easily, it's not like you had cancer.

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TMI to share with your dad so YDI

Herpes is one that never goes away. It can go into remission, but you never know when you will have an outbreak.

41, you will have herpes for life. you can get meds to try to control the out breaks

Lmfao >.< make him eat it ? ****** up indeed hahaha

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i love your bear-faced sleeve, #2. is your face as cute as the bear's? :3

what the **** dude? eat it? gross! he probably thought she was a ***** so he figured she deserved it. 2 funny however.

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#125 they're a ***** because they slept with someone? you don't have to be a dick about it you jelous virgin.

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#11 wooow.. rude much? i bet your fat.

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damn it i thought i was first!!! great now what am i gunna do?

Start making actual posts? Dumb anti-flood.

ugh why did you change your post? well at least it's a post.

i didnt change anything, lol i just posted 1 comment. Now im replying to you.

I'm sooo confused. so wait you were the one who said oh I thought I was first, or something along those lines. Now my post replied to her and it's only showing on the app not the website... Ugh someone help me figure this out please.

-2 points for making reply conversation. back to the topic op that's awful :( your dad is a schmuck!

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Well that'll teach you to use protection. Now do others around you a favor and don't go spreading it around!

Genital herpes is transferred from skin contact, no form of contraception can guarantee that you won't get it. Unless you put plastic wrap between each other or something.

Thank you, I'm well aware. Protection cuts your risk of infection drastically if used properly and there is no sign of outbreak. Clearly you wouldnt want to give or be on the receiving end of any form of sexual contact if there is a blister present.

how do you know for a fact op got it via sex? could have got the bacteria in an open sore or broken skin. think before you jump to conclusions!!

Gosh Hilary you are so right. Why didn't I think of that? I mean the vast majority of people with std's go around rubbing their broken skin together. I'm going to assume since the op didn't specify it wasn't from sexual contact, that's how they got it.

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hilary and flusterCluck just got destroyed...

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Herpes simplex 1 (on the mouth,coldsores,fever blisters) and 2 (on the genitals) are the same virus,and can be transferred either way,meaning if you go down on a girl or guy and you or they have a coldsore on their mouth you could contract/pass herpes.Both are highly contagious forms of virus and incurable STD's,but they are treatable.

they aren't exactly the same, hence the name 1 and 2. Hsv2 is the worse one

you can in fact get herpes infections without having sex. cold sores, chicken pox, shingles, etc.. there are a number of ways to end up with a herpes infection.

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actually Komodo, they are practically the same. I asked my doctor about it since my friend got it from a bj some girl gave him.

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I think it's safe to assume she got the idea of sexual contact from the fact it's intimate category Hillary

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You can get it from kissing if u have an open sore in your mouth...

Well you shouldn't be acting like a ***** and then maybe you wouldn't have gotten herpes. Maybe your dad hopes that this will teach you a lesson and now you will gain some self respect.

how did you not know about the herpes in the first place?? ydi for rushing in in the first place.

Oh, ok. So I guess people just automatically know when the have herpes?

I told you to quit screwing around the trailer park with all the trailer trash. now you should be really happy

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keep yo damn clothes on gurllll =p