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  Nabee143  |  3

2- You have to APPLY for an employee discount? Since when? I thought if you are an employee, and they give employee discounts, then I assume you would get that discount. Without applying for it. Am I wrong here?


To all of you, 25 is right. You apply for the JOB not the discount. If you get the job and they offer discounts for employees, you'd automatically get it

Edit: I see what he's saying now... Apply for the job just to get cheap liquor.

  mduffy08  |  8

28 - he meant that he applied to the job FOR the discount. Here, I'll reword it... OP May have not wanted the job, but the discount that came with it.

  shamonie22  |  9

25- I guess you cant read well or just plain old stupid. Where in his post did 2 say that he applied for employee discounts? He asked the guy if he applied for the JOB so that he can get employee discounts.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

I would think that too. He knows the products well and know where they are located. But I could also see them being worried about him being a drunk and drinking all their liquor as well. The workforce is a tough place.

By  pocketspock  |  3

I once asked a guy that worked at a liquor store what the worst part his job was. His reply, 'Seeing my regular customers die.' I think that it may be a wise life choice to aim just a little higher.