By zuper_duper - 29/08/2009 22:20 - United States

Today, after six months of dating, my girlfriend decided to break up with me because my "obsession" of being on the computer and playing games all the time was cutting into "our time". She then told me to "get a life" and never wanted to see me again. She told me all of this on WoW. FML
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Maybe it was her only way of getting through to you...?

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Today, after six months of dating my boyfriend I couldn't take it anymore. He's always on the computer playing games instead of spending time with me. I had to sign up for an account on WoW just to break up with him. FML

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OP deserved it for being a basement-dweller.

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#23- Damn you! I was about to say that she had to find a way to talk to him.

Exactly. My first thought after reading this was that going on WoW was probably the only way she could get across to him.

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YDI. She was probably just being poetic and symbolising that it was the only way to talk to you. Also yo're a nerd.

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This really depends on whether or not she plays WoW obsessively too, what level is she? (god im a nerd)

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#23 Why the **** would someone pay for a WoW account just to break up with their boyfriend? That's retarded.

you cant talk to people with a free 2-week trial unless they talk to you first, and i doubt OP decided to randomly talk to some random character hes never seen before

#113 - Maybe she plays, too, but a reasonable amount. Or borrowed a friends. There's also this thing called a "free trial." Or maybe she just logged in one of the OP's several other WoW accounts. My money's on that one.

I hope he was the one that recruited you, got a free mount and month. So it's not that bad. :P

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maybe this was the only way to reach you n ur just trying to b the good guy

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the wheel of wow...on webkinz world????

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cuz she had to find a way to talk to ur dumb ass. YDI fag

b-e-a-utiful maybe you should stop playing WoW? Aion ftw! lmao i know that contradicts itself but...

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I agree about Aion. I preordered it :3 As for the FML, the girlfriend obviously plays WoW, too. I seriously doubt she would spend money buying the game just to log on and break up with the OP. Unless she used a trial account. In which case, she's ******* retarded for not just telling him in person. Either way, OP, I agree that she sucks.

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I have had to do the same as the OP. My now ex bf played all the time and left me to raise his daughter (not my daughter). I tried talking to him, but he always asked me to come back to talk to him when he wasn't on a raid. I even tried the parental lock feature to try and schedule time for us to talk. I have never seen someone so angry. Finally I used a trial offer to go on there and in front of all his friends he played with, I informed him that I had already packed my bags and that he better hire a babysitter because I was leaving.

The one annoyance between avid WoW players is that you have to actually LOG ON to the game and whisper them to get their attention. Breaking up in person wouldn't work because they'd probably wave it off and say "Can it wait? I'm in a middle of a raid and I need to tank."

Exactly! Maybe this was the only way for you to listen to her since you were always online playing WoW. Maybe next time you'll be inclined to listen when someone is talking to you while you're online.

Agreed. It's completely ****** up, but it seem's she had a point. ____________________________

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I guess she has a point, then again, when me and my boyfriend can't see each other, WoW is our "Our Time" haha i guess we are just dorks, but i knew that already

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Maybe that was the only way to reach him because he was on so much?

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It's okay. The internet and **** is better than real life. Nerds, FTW.

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i really, really hope you aren't serious. :/ :// this was a sarcastic post, right? no one really thinks that internet and **** is better than actual SEX and FRIENDS.

On a completely unrelated note, what does FTW mean?

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If you really are on there all the time then YDI.

Maybe it was her only way of getting through to you...?