By French - 24/10/2013 12:52 - Australia - Saint Kilda

Today, I taught my girlfriend some French. She then used her newfound language to break up with me. FML
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Excuse my French sir, but she sounds like a bitch

uglyvioletloser 7

That is just plain atrocious. I wonder why she didn't break up with you in English though.


uglyvioletloser 7

That is just plain atrocious. I wonder why she didn't break up with you in English though.

She wanted to retreat, French seemed the obvious choice.

She simply gave up on the relationship and wanted to throw the towel in, admit defeat - the proper way.

Excuse my French sir, but she sounds like a bitch

never teach negative words in any language.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22 .with..anymore .they arent negative words but scramble them together differently-->.."I will not be with you anymore"....they turn into a negative sentence. lol

jazzy_123 20

well do you happen to know any other language? everyone knows that bad words are possibly the first words anyone learns in any language.

My family business is involved in a program that brings interns from around the world for weeks or months at a time. Any time I meet a new one I learn how to say hello in their language, then it quickly devolves into 'teach me to curse'

I think you mean: How would he be able to see that coming?

Well if if she asked him, "how do you say "it's not you it's me" in French"? I could certainly see that being a red flag.

A Romance language is the wrong one to use. She should have gone with German.

agreed. but I wanna learn French so I can communicate with all people in Canada.

If you want to communicate in Canada, learn English. It's only the douchebag language police and hardline seperatists in Quebec that won't use it. And you probably don't want to talk to them anyway.


#54 Really ? Have you ever been there ? Because I never read so much nonsense...

Considering #54 is FROM Canada we can safely assume he's been there... Have you, Mr.French?

#67 Yep miss :) I moved to live in Quebec last year. Pretty much it depends where you go in Quebec. Like Montreal and the south most people speaks English but if you're going to Quebec city or the north it's a lot of people that don't speak at all and not because they are hard core French speakers. Just they don't know the language or are afraid to make fools of themselves. I just find the douchebag and separatist view really restrictive and a little insulting.

Wow that's pretty harsh OP, as they say in French - there's beaucoup de poissons dans la mer :) Sounds like you're better off without her anyway!

As I recall, the rule said that after negation and plural it's always "de" instead of "des".

It's "de" but not because of the negation. It's because in this case we are considering the fishes as a "species". Even if you still have to use plural for "poissons". Basicaly it's an exception. We French love those...

That was in her mind from some time.. Nothing to do with ur language teaching. .

That's not the point though. OP spent a good amount of time to teach his girlfriend French, then she dumped him right after. He did a caring gesture for her, and it sucks to be dumped after that.

perdix 29

Quelle saloppe! J'espere you mean EX-copine!

Okay look guys, I know you're trying to make him feel better of whatever in French, but it's very hard to like a comment when you don't know what it says. Let/s just stick to English from now on.

squideth 18

Now you know what not to teach future girlfriends...only French kissing and French fry cooking (yes I realize those are not actually French).