By C45 - 25/12/2009 20:27 - Canada

Today, from my girlfriend of five years, I got my clothes back, my engagment ring and a card that says, "Merry Christmas! It's me not you." FML
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or he could send back a bottle of cum and say it's milk ;)

Well at least you got your stuff back...

GeorgeBoosh 0

And it's a good lesson about women: it's always about me, never about you! As in: me more important, that belongs to me, me sane. Become gay. Guys aren't like that at all.

really now? see i find that what you just said describes my boyfriends more than it does me...hmmmmmm girls may be needy at times but at least we're not complete dick heads like you =]

You're both God damn ******* sexists. Go die in a fire.

imperfectclarity 0

Well at least it's not you, it's her. ;) But really - that sucks. Good thing she gave you your stuff back...and now you can find someone better!

I say give her furnature a Yellow Christmas.

Doesn't that make her your fiancee? Sorry, I don't buy it.

dudeitsdanny 9

Fiancee of a few months, even a year or so, maybe, but not a fiancee of 5 years. He wanted to emphasize the length of the relationship, not the engagement.

Thanks for clearing that up because I was going to say it's fiancée and not girlfriend but you're right. Haha.