By Elena - 07/07/2011 23:56 - United States

Today, after having worked two jobs for months to save up for a big vacation, I came home to find my hard-earned money replaced by my boyfriend's brand new motorcycle. FML
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1: Umm OBVIOUSLY, if she was saving for a big vacation then most likely he got a nice motorcycle.

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kill him, and take his life insurance as pay back..

Run him over with it.. on "accident" eff anti-flood.

Your pissed now, until you ride it and feel the powerful vibration between your legs. You'll never get off because you'll be too busy getting off.:p

OP IT'S ALL GOOD! just castrate him and sell his nuts, a lot of money we're talking...

smart man! you shouldn't be mad, first question should be is it a cbr or an r1?

65: I love that picture! May I inquire as to where you obtained it?

replace his motorcycle with an amazing vacation that doesn't involve him...

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I'm torn I feel so bad for you but at the same time, I'm guessing you put the money in an account, in which if he was able to "steal" your money to but the bike he obviously had access to it in Which it was your fault for letting your boyfriend access to it. one thing in life NEVER EVER let a BOYFRIEND have access to an account, only allow access to parents or someone who would know what to do and need it if something happened to you or something to that affect or a husband NEVER a boyfriend. so YDI

Yeah! Would you rather have a stupid vacation or a cool motorcycle boyfriend? He can pick you up at work and everyone with think you're cool. Then say if he dumps you you get the motorcycle.

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well you could have him arrested for stealing . you probably won't though and you will probably forgive him as well. that's the way it normally works, the assholes always get the girls and they can do just about any thing they want and get away with it.

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If ur in Florida there's a buyer return policy n u can return the bike saying never mind. If not see what u can do or call the cops if u don't have a joint checking account if u do go to court.

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ride him while riding the motorcycle?

No, you must do that with a truck, you could fall doing it on a motorcycle. ... And you gotta make sure he dies.

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hmm...screwie it sounds to me that you have done that a time or two. it seemed thought out. just remember there are some helpful phone numbers online if you need any ;D lol

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haven't you heard? Mansers says the best way to have sex on a speeding motorcycle is missionary style. =P

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haha i see a midlife crisis!

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he needs to be dumped, in my opinion.

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did you label the jar "big vacation money"? maybe he plans to take you on one with his motorcycle

Still he shouldn't have taken her money at all.

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dump his ass and take the motor cycle and make him pay you back in full with interest till he gives you the $$$$$!!!

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That would be my second thought after ripping him a new one, how inconsiderate!

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that's what I was wondering. in my relationship I spent a lot of money on my x because he took advantage of my heart but it was all my doing for allowing it but he NEVER personally had access to my money

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Yeah, I've never had access to a GF's money.

Maybe she kept it in cash. Or they have just one bank account for the two of them. Not smart, but it happens. OP, I hope you slapped him and sold that motorcycle.

maybe it's like those couples who are practically married in everything but title

I completely agree. Boyfriends and girlfriends should not ever have free access to each others' money.

That Is my question as well also u can cancel the purchase saying it was fraud on your account

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what an asshole. sell his toy and go on vacation without him

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says the girl with a motorcycle helmet as a pic but ya I agree with you on that

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^^ Could be for a dirtbike, which tend to be cheaper than a Harley or crotch rocket.

crotch rockets start at $200... dirtbikes go well over $15,000.

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Maybe because he's only her boyfriend but has access to her money? That's what I'm guessing.

I agree. That was a dick move of her boyfriend to take her earnings and spend it on himself. What a ******* asshole. Dump his snobby ass, OP. >:(

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that's why you don't do joint bank accounts