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Today, I found out that the money my boyfriend has "secretly" been putting away for the last two months is not for an engagement ring like I'd thought, but for a trip to Vegas I'm not invited to. FML
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"Today, my boyfriend has a life outside of me. FML."

why did you assume your boyfriend had been saving up for a ring in the first place?


"Today, my boyfriend has a life outside of me. FML."


what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

What a selfish douche. Who dares to have a life outside of a relationship!!

I went to Vegas once, I don't know exactly what happened. All I know is I'm missing a chunk out of my ass , i had to get a banana out of me and I'm not allowed back :(.

I don't think the FML is that he's going to Vegas; I think it's that he was planning to go without even telling her.

I think OP submitted this for the disappointment of not getting a fancy ring and her boyfriend doing something without her. But it seems like it's more about the disappointment about the lack of a ring if she chose to include that detail, and if she knows he's been "secretly" putting money away. She obviously knew he was putting money away, and she assumed it was for a ring. She got her hopes up, and got shot down.

That is a mysterious! Aren't you willing to find out?

The whole secrecy thing is kind of lame. Why would you keep a trip secret from your girlfriend, or at all? It seems like a fairly reasonable assertion his secret savings would be a gift at least.

37 obviously she's mental and expects it all to be about her.

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... Except Herpes.. That shit lasts forever!!

Don't worry, maybe he'll win you a plastic ring from one of the slot machines. :D

Or maybe he'll propose with a RingPop. ****, I'd propose with a RingPop.

I'd say yes to a ring pop. Those things are delicious!

why did you assume your boyfriend had been saving up for a ring in the first place?

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If you were deceived then FYL, if it was just an assumption then YDI.

I would agree if I knew why it was "secretly" instead of secretly. If OP snooped and the bf felt the need to lie in order to defend his saving, then YDI and FYL.

"Today, my boyfriend is spending his hard earned cash on himself, not me. Boo-hoo".

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A man needs a break. Bitches be bitches.

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Someone sounds a little self centered. Grow up, the world does not revolve around you. I hope your boyfriend spends a lot of money on a high class hooker.

well how do you actually know thats what it was for? maybe he was going to propose but didnt want you to think it so he said hes going to vegas? then he'll give you the shock of your life and you might feel pretty stupid then haha ooooor he is going to vegas and maybe you just need to let him be on his own for a bit?

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OP, who the **** are you to be such a gold digging *****? You think he is supposed to spend every dime he makes on you? He works for his money and wants to spend some of it on himself, and I bet you are taken care of with a roof over your head and food on the table. Are you so ******* controlling that he feels he has to hide money from you to spend on a vacation? No wonder you weren't invited.

gosh relax #16 maybe theyve been together for like 6 years and she thought he wanted to marry her. im sure other girls that are on here would feel exactly the same way she is because thats what girls do! even if the girls on here wont admit it because they dont want negative votes doesnt mean if they were in the same position they would feel the same way as OP

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Forza_italia88, maybe they have only been together for two years, maybe only three months. It's not really important how long they have been together. The point is that she was aware of this money being saved and she thought it would be and should be spent on her. That sense of entitlement is obnoxious and shallow. Please don't tell me that you think all women feel the same sense of entitlement, I hope that wasn't your point.

UpsidedownKayak i understand what youre saying and its true she shouldnt expect every cent of his to go to her but she never said she did. all we know is he was saving money and obviously if she was expecting him to propose they must have been together for a while. and yes i can guarantee that the majority of women on here would be heartbroken if their boyfriend of however long, say over 1 year, would go on a holiday without her or even not tell her about it. why keep a trip to vegas secret? and why hide the money from her? thats my point unless he just doesnt care what she thinks. then again she shouldnt be assuming anything

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Forza-italia88, what if this trip were for a bachelor party? He must have told her that he was going on a trip there because she found out. I don't think she just went up to him and asked if the savings were for a ring, otherwise the savings wouldn't have been a "secret". When my ex and I were together she took a trip out to Las Vegas with just the girls and I didn't get upset or jealous. I just took her to the airport and told her to have fun. Why does he have to tell her everything he does with his money? What if he was just moving money in to a saving account and since it's his money it wouldn't be her business. How did she find out that the money was being saved, did she look at his bank statement when he wasn't looking?

it couldnt have been for a bachelor party UpsidedownKayak if he hasnt proposed. all im saying is that maybe they have been together for a while so she was probably hoping that he was going to propose. and if they have been together for a while why would he feel the need not to tell her that he wants to go to vegas with friends? i know that i would be upset if i found out my boyfriend was going to vegas with mates and not telling me because that would probably mean he had something to hide. and you mentioned your ex, well this is a different situation. guys and girls look at things differently. and your ex probably didnt hide it from you which looks like OPs boyfriend did. girls know their boyfriends dont need to spend every cent they earn on them and they know that guys can go on trips alone. put yourself in her shoes. wouldnt you be angry that your girlfriend didnt tell you she was going away? to las vegas of all places? as for her knowing about the money how should i know? haha im not the girl so i didnt find it!

just shut up. guys will never understand the girls side and vice versa. apparently the rule is 3 months salary on an engagement ring! we certainly didn't follow that but that 'rule' is out there and many men want to buy a ring like that. your overreaction obviously comes from experience.

No one said it had to be his bachelor party, could be going for a friend. Or maybe he just wants a holiday with friends. I'm a girl and I agree with the guys side of this. You don't know that the boyfriend wasn't the one to tell OP that he's going away. He might not have been "secretly" saving money, maybe he just needed to save money for a while and decided to tell OP closer to the time. He doesn't have to tell her why he's saving the money as soon as he starts saving it, it's his money. OP shouldn't have assumed that he was going to spend his money on her and got upset that he isn't. As she wants a proposal it seems like they have been going out for a while, so surely she could have just talked to him about it rather than whine on here if it was that serious? Then again, this is for our entertainment.

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**** that my girlfriends getting a ringpop