Cheap-ass lying bro-bro!

By Anonymous - 10/03/2020 04:07 - Netherlands - Bergeyk

Today, I found out my boyfriend is booking my dream vacation to Bali with his brothers, 6 months after he told me we couldn't go on vacation this year because he doesn’t have the money. They planned this within a week. I had been planning it with him for months. FML
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Mathalamus 24

Maybe his brothers have the money?

I'm going to assume this too, or that they're pitching in a LOT to help pay. Cheapo/scummy on his part because he knows it's your favorite place and hes going without you, but if it were anywhere else with his brothers would it still be bad? If it were you two, would you both be dishing out a lot more money to take the trip? Save up and go with a girlfriend yourself! :D

100% agree with the above. or use some of the money you had for the trip and pamper yourself while he's gone

themothhasspoke 6

I bet hes gunna surprise you with a trip

idky your comment got 2 thumbs down, that would be very sweet if he surprised her

ojoRojo 27

If he doesn’t surprise you and at least take you along, dump his ass.

Susan Yee 9

Maybe their parents paid for it?

Sounds like the beginning of ‘Midsommar’.

When he comes back with Cronovirus, you can tell him that he deserves it.

Jillian Cosby-Kelly 15

big red flag there.... sounds like you need a new partner.