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Today, my husband used our last $2000 to buy himself a motorcycle. It's supposed to "save us a lot on gas money." FML
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Actually, I ride, too. A bunch of my buddies did some back-of-the-envelope math and concluded that provided you don't go for some gigantic liter-sized road sofa that gets under 40mpg, yes, a bike is cheaper. Back when gas was $1-$1.50 a gallon, it wasn't, because any gas savings would rapidly get eaten up by the cost of replacing tires and drive chains. But with gas at $3.50-$4 or more, it works out.

Ah. Great. How's he gonna bring home groceries in that thing?


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It's most likely used. And it will save a lot on gas. My van costs me about $80 to fill up cause it's a 24(?) gallon tank and only gets about 310 miles to the tank.

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and she probably can't drive a motorcycle which Is the whole point.

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Also insurance for a motorcycle is way more than car insurance... js

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Insurance is cheaper.. Around 20 a month for me..

30 - that's easily resolved. All OP's husband has to do is attach one of those side carts to it. I'm sure OP wouldn't mind a romantic road trip like that.

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34- yeah motorcycle insurance is really to nothing

I think the OP is secretly excited about the vibrations.

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Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world???!!

Don't thinkthats fair ?? My father will spend $71000 on my sisters new car but is giving me a 2nd hand one he used 4 years ago . So unfair !

40- oh not in canada, for someone just starting out anyways. it's almost twice as much as auto insurance :O

59, that's a really specific amount for a car. It also shows how lacking in taste you have, that you attempt to parade around your father's wealth on the internet. If you aren't happy with the car he's giving you, then get a job and pay for your own. Oh, and PS, bull shit on him spending $71,000. Have a nice day new money jerk.

68, i agree, its taken ages for me to EARN enough for my bike let alone insurance. Don't you feel a little shame driving daddy's car?

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I agree he's being a little bitch (especially when you consider it's probably a gently used luxury car), but 71000 isn't that specific. Now if he'd said 71,563 yeah that would be oddly specific.

Motorcycle all around is way cheaper than a car. And that's on a crotch rocket. If you guys have kids though then your dude is an idiot.

In Ontario, Canada. Insurance for my R6 is 10,000$ a year.

No just no..I was looking into getting a bike so I called a place to ask how much the type of bike I was interested would cost me (GSXR 1000) 35$ a month know what the lady for insurance said why it's so cheap? cause the only thing that the company has to pay for is your casket for your funeral.

Uhh mate my sister got an Audi a5 for her 21st, a rather good price too. Secondly, I do not drive a 2nd hand luxury vehicle - if I did I wouldn't be complaining, I have to drive my fathers old Kia optima, since he's CEO in Australia for Kia motors, he drives company cars... I'm grateful for getting a car at all I just don't think it's fair ...

#113... read the FML again. It's not just that he spent $2000 dollars on it, its that he spent their LAST $2000 on it, meaning they won't be able to pay for the gas regardless. That's what this FML is about... and FYL OP.

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My R6 costs me $200 a year. your insurance costs more than my bike.

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Supportive? I don't know about you, but if I and my partner would only have 2000 dollar, then I would very much appreciate it if my spouse asked for permission to spend all the money to buy a motorcycle. It's their money and he spend it on something she does not like. He did a jerkish thing and it would be insane for to be 'more supportive'.

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I think he had good intentions.

The way to hell is made of good intentions...

43 if figured he was being sarcastic, that sounds like something I would say, if he was not being sarcastic then he fails, which means I also fail too.

Ah. Great. How's he gonna bring home groceries in that thing?

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I've seen motorcycle bags, darling. They're not exactly what I'd call efficient to use for shopping purposes. They're terrible. Plus, if it's a huge trip, good luck getting it all to fit.

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Doesn't matter if it's efficient or not, it's going to work

I have a feeling arguing with you over this matter is going to lead me nowhere. Think what you want. As having a parent who owns motorcycles, I know firsthand that it's a horrible primary vehicle, and not just for the shopping part. Weather conditions are also a factor, as well as passengers. Now, this is just me assuming that OP's husband wants to make the motorcycle the primary vehicle, but still...

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It's a moot point, Mirobo. He doesn't have any money to buy groceries with anyways.

Touche', my friend. I should have considered that first.

If he doesn't has any money left, how does he buy any gas? Last I checked, it wasn't exactly free.

Get a lil side cart and put the groceries in it haha. Even though you'll look like a total fag.

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So he's going to carry all the groceries on his arms while he drives and have a passenger carry all the groceries on their arms too and BOOM problem solved

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You're not thinking outside the box at all, you're like stuck inside the box

And you, darling, are trapped in a box where things that occur within just won't work outside of it in the real world. Have you EVER actually driven a motorcycle? Carrying something in your arms while you're driving it is VERY dangerous and it one of the stupidest things you can do! And having the passenger behind you hold everything? No matter the make or model of motorcycle, the passenger should securely have their hands on the driver at ALL times, lest they fall off, be horribly injured, or killed! Think about it this way, sweetie: If you can't manage it on a bicycle, what makes you think you can manage on a bicycle that's ten times heavier (more or less perhaps) with a motor on it, while you're cruising through the freeway at 60 M.P.H.? Please, for the sake of my head, stop being stupid. It doesn't work. End of story.

I don't recall them saying that they didn't have a primary CAR. But I've done grocery shopping with a cbr 1000 all you need is a back pack. It only costs $14 to fill up my tank and lasts 3 weeks when I ride conservative.

But when you impulse buy a motorcycle with the perk that it saves on gas, it's normally implied that you claim said perk when you want to make the motorcycle the primary vehicle. To save on gas. If you're still using any other vehicle, what's the point? And as I said many comments ago, I am just assuming OP's husband wants to make it the primary vehicle. And darling, I personally tend to do some rather heavy grocery shopping, as I do such on a monthly basis and need a large vehicle to carry it all. I'm sure I'm not the only one who needs more than just a backpack in order to get their grocery shopping needs complete. Edit: FML has hiccups again. The comment I was replying to may or may not still be there...

Have you not considered he bought a motorcycle for him self to drive to work and his wife still has a car.

Sounds more like you haven't driven a motorcycle. The fact that it's heavier makes it much more stable, I can hang up to 4 full shopping bags on my hands (2 on each arm) without it straining my ability to commandeer the vehicle. I'm only 16, and have had my license for 6 months now, so far no problems whatsoever riding like this. But of course, if I could I would drive a car, it's much more practical in every way in terms of loading capacity.

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Yah stupid morobro, and who drives 60 mph in town to the store? Stupid, the store is most likely in town so he shouldn't be going like over 30 or 35 or whatever the speed limit it, moron

Actually, I ride, too. A bunch of my buddies did some back-of-the-envelope math and concluded that provided you don't go for some gigantic liter-sized road sofa that gets under 40mpg, yes, a bike is cheaper. Back when gas was $1-$1.50 a gallon, it wasn't, because any gas savings would rapidly get eaten up by the cost of replacing tires and drive chains. But with gas at $3.50-$4 or more, it works out.

It may save some cash but blowing the last of your savings like that is never a good idea.

Sure, if you drive your 40mpg bike over your 25mpg car, you'll save gas. But over the course of an entire year (12k miles) you'll only be saving about 600$, so the 2,000$ outlay isn't exactly smart short term investment, especially when you're down to your last dime.

I wish fuel was that cheap in Australia!...

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What if OP believes in strict monogamy? Getting a divorce would leave her all alone :(

Nah, wouldn't do that either. They have to talk with eachother. It's not nice to go out and just buy something without talking about it. (And I mean it with this case as 2000$ aren't just a Lollipop)

6 it seems a little ridiculous to get divorced over $2000, people do stupid stuff all the time, if they truly loved each other they would stay together.

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It does actually save on gas, but that may not be why he bought it.

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I'm thinking midlife crisis, Op better watch out, be 4 you know it the next thing he brings home will be a blonde half his age, and ride off with her.

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Sell it! Get your $2000 back, silly OP.

Ugh! you boys and your toys! Can you tell that my other half has a motorcycle too!? Claiming the same thing about saving gas. **But secretly, I enjoy riding bitch on it.

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50 mpg and you're saying they aren't as good on gas? I'm a woman and I intend on getting a motorcycle when it gets hot again next year.

Divorce this manchild immediately. It might be the shock he needs to finally accept the reality of being an adult.

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Get YOUR bike license and take it on him. It's lots of fun.