By dessy - United States - San Diego
Today, my boyfriend asked me to pick up a few things from the store for him while he was at work. After picking up everything he asked for, I wasn't left with much money so I used $50 from my account. When he got home he then grumbled about me spending all of "his" money. FML
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  mariri9206  |  32

"Mrs. Puff needs a new hat! ♡♡"

  fakedsincerity  |  32

Using money as an abuse tactic is a thing (withholding money/stealing/threatening to take their money etc) however we have nowhere near enough information to know if this is a regular thing or he was just being a bit of a dick that one time.

Just dumping a relationship without even discussing it and finding out why he acted the way he did sounds really extreme.

  orangejubejube  |  20

Or maybe he was hangry. I can be sunshine and rainbows all day at work.. And then the tram is stuck in traffic, crammed with stinky people, and I forgot to bring a snack - steer clear until I've reached the kitchen.

  latenerd  |  11

Every time a comment says, "that's an abuser" there's always a horde of flying monkeys chittering "so extreme! you don't know him!" etc. Come on people, do you really not get how this works? Of COURSE we don't know him. But IF this person is being abused she may need others to point it out because abusers will fuck with their victim's mind. If he's just a good guy having a bad day, she's probably capable of figuring that out on her own -- no harm done.

By  Cynistor  |  9

Return the stuff he asked you to pick up for him & give him back the money to solve the money problem of you spending all his money, then tell him to go buy it himself.

By  flyingflies  |  36

What kind or how many were the "few things' he asked for, if you had to put in 50 bucks from your account? Show him the receipt and be cautious next time he asks for a favour involving money.