By Anonymous - 30/4/2021 07:49

Scammers scamming

Today, I got a call from my bank, saying that the cheque I deposited in my account bounced and my account is now -$2900. The cheque was from a work-at-home company, who asked me to deposit the cheque, then send them some of the money through Cash App to buy office supplies. They won’t answer their e-mails. FML
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By  rotflqtms_  |  18

I always pray my mom never falls for ssomething like this. I always wonder how they fall for it, but then I see it happening over and over again. Why would they need you to send them money for office supplies if they gave you the money?

  eellik  |  7

It does to desperate people. I know it sounds silly to someone who has a stable job and no financial problems, but once you're strapped for cash you'll grasp at every straw.

  Dirtysalamander1  |  4

you read it wrong. it is cash app.