By Sucker - 12/10/2009 19:31 - Canada

Today, after working another double shift because I want to buy my boyfriend a really expensive anniversary present, I get to his apartment to find him calculating in how many paychecks he'll be able to afford a Caribbean getaway. For himself. FML
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Eh... 1. Why spend so much on an anniversary present that you have to work double shifts to buy? Choose something meaningful within your price range. 2. So what if he wants a getaway by himself? Just because you're a couple doesn't mean you have to do everything together. Let him have some alone time. 3. It might possibly be a cover-up for his gift. If he wants to surprise you, I think that's a good way. Don't automatically think he's being an ass.

so save up your money and get yourself something nice instead.


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OP = Owned Person. for this person has just been owned by life.

pretty sure it stands for original poster. but #26's is pretty good too.

Aw, the one person who was right got buried! Looks like no one wants the truth getting out.

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Ocean Person, they come from the sea.

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No Its not by himself, it him and his 2 other freinds Myself and I. Me, Myself, and I are going duh!

Why are you trying to buy love? Just work single shifts, spend your spare time with your boyfriend and buy him a gift you can easily afford. If that is not good enough, you have nothing anyways. Have some self-esteem, bitch.

Why rent when you can assert squatter's rights? ;)

What an asshole thing to say to someone that obviously wanted to do something extra special for their special someone. FYL.

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Damn dude. Your comments usually lighten up the page a little but lately, they've been kinda on the down side...

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Oh, I'm sure his girlfriend Rosie will be with him...You know, Ms. Palmer? Or maybe he is meeting someone...or maybe, just maybe, you weren't supposed to find out and the trip is for the both of did say it was your anniversary, right?

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Not everyone is big on presents. How does he express his care for you, OP? Try mirroring that.

He wants to buy himself something what's the problem? Is he supposed to know that you are working extra to buy him a gift?

so save up your money and get yourself something nice instead.

So what? Just because you're buying him an expensive gift, he has to do the same? It's not like he asked you to buy an expensive gift for him. If you're looking for something in return, then don't give it to him.