By jessel_ladd92 - 09/09/2013 06:42 - United States

Today, after growing my hair out for over a year and constantly being told that it makes me look like a girl, I finally cut it. The first thing my friends said when they saw me was that I now look like a "lesbian." FML
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No worries, I'm sure your hair is fabulous!

Do what pleases you not others OP. Hope you leared your lesson.


No worries, I'm sure your hair is fabulous!

Op said Lesbian, Not Gay..

#1 didn't say gay...

Its ok i get it even though it was a failed attempt.

That would mean he would look gay. Lesbians are gay

There's no way you can make everybody happy , some people just need to judge

you could always scissor it

He's only gay in days ending in y

As fabulous as Fabio?

As fabulous as Justin Bieber.

#14, I get your joke. And it was quite funny. Actually, I'd say it was FABULOUSSSS.

HA! Gayyyyyy!

Do what pleases you not others OP. Hope you leared your lesson.

Opinion is like asshole, everyone has one OP. Do what makes you happy:-)

You can't please everyone.

I grew my hair out from the start of middle school, and then I donated it a few months before I finished high school. People gave me a ton of crap for it at first, but pretty soon it became legendary. It even got "best hair" in the high school yearbook.

Are you sure you're not a girl?

I'm sure they're just messing with u, OP

Well, atleast they got you to liking girls!

... No, just no.

Start a trend. Everyone will get the "Justin beiber lesbian chique" look.

I'm pretty sure that trend has been around for a while.

Someone needs new friends

Exactly. It's not up to then how OPs hair is. It's entirely their decision, if they're going to bully them, OP needs new friends

Don't be a "girly man"!

You can't please everyone OP.

There most likely just poking fun, pretty sure you look like a manly lesbian. I say own that lesbo hair cut like the boss you are!