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Today, even after loving him unconditionally, my originally 340 pound morbidly obese husband, who within the past two years lost almost 200 pounds, left me because now, he "can do so much better". FML
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It's okay, it's common for someone who was that obese to gain the weight back eventually, especially someone as shallow as he is. Watch, he'll be back, and you'll be to happy by yourself (or possibly with someone els) to notice ;)

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There's no way a self-serving jackass like him will find anyone who's actually better than the OP. Loyalty is hard to come by, and he'll be devastated when he sees what he's lost.

My cousin was dating a guy two years ago who admitted he was using her because he could not "get anything better" at the time. He spent the eight months they were together emotionally abusing her to the point she was always in tears. I do not know why she stayed with him, but he convinced her that since she was fat no one else would love her. He kept trying to get her to lose weight in unhealthy ways, to dress like a bro-hoe, and be someone she was not. Luckily, she got fed up with it and told him where to stick it. She was in therapy for a long time. Then one day she ran into a former mutual friend. He told her about how Asshole Boyfriend was abandoned by all his friends for being rude and cruel. He had not been able to keep a girlfriend because of his high standards. Then the mutual friend asked her out. When she expressed a desire to lose weight, new boyfriend lost it with her. He lost 50lbs, she lost over 100. They are now engaged. So while it hurts now, Op, someone in the world will recognize you as the beautiful woman you are, no matter your weight or looks. There are some men/women in the world who would be willing to stay with a man who is that large.

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There was an FML just like this where a guy helps his girlfriend lose weight and she ends up leaving him...

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He's probably too fat to serve himself anyways

I don't think op is overweight. The real problem is that OP loved her husband despite his weight, but when he lost it he though he became too good for her and left her. I don't think OP is overweight.

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Awww!! That's the sweetest thing ever, #101!

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Karma is going to bitch slap him so hard

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That's the most beautiful thing I ever read queer. Lol

That is the best thing I've read all week. Good luck to them and thank-you for sharing! And I agree with that last comment too. How could he do better than someone who loved and supported him unconditionally? You're a star 'my heartbroken'. Honestly, you really are. I'd love to hear your story in a few years from now, you'll find what you deserve xx

His loss not yours. you deserve a lot better op!

I hope he finds someone who likes to cook a lot. And leaves him when he gets Fat.

Doesn't 140 pounds sound extremely light for a male??? Or is it just me... Haha

137: Depends on their height. I'm 6'2", so 140 is light for me, but someone who was a foot or so shorter would actually be a little heavy at 140.

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Nothings better than unconditional love in a relationship. He's a dumbass to walk away from you OP, stay strong.

My husband is 5'9 and 145. He's pretty skinny.

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That's exactly what I thought! He is all scrawny and saggy to go with it!

Yes she probably does, but from the start of their relationship. I have a hard time conceiving how someone who cannot take care of themselves physically ie. getting fat to 300lbs are supposed to be apt in a relationship. Love yourself. Dont let your health go down the drain

You pretty much just said that fat people shouldn't be in a relationship, did you?

Hi there. My brother did the same to his wife, if she could speak English, I would have sworn this was her... (and he lost almost the same weight as yours did). He was a jerk, and so is your husband. - Yes I'm saying that of my own brother - ... Sweetheart, if he did that to you, YOU are the one who deserve so much better. Go treat yourself with something that will make you feel good, and allow yourself to live again without a man that will treat you like that! Again, I'm really sorry to hear... this shouldn't happen at all... :(

What an asshole! Im sorry OP. Karma's a bitch though, I hope it gets him.

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He could never do better; he's less than half the man he used to be!

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Sounds like he went from fat to ugly. Op, you deserve better. Chin up, and push forward onto bigger and better.

He was just fat. Now he is a horribly ungrateful person with no consept of unconditional love. He doesnt know what a catch you are. You are a beautiful person. Inside and out.

"bigger and better" Not sure if pun, or coincidence.

Anyone with an ugly personality is just plain an ugly person in my opinion. So I agree with this commenter, he was fat, now he's ugly.

Why you read my thoughts? Ugliness is a disease which originates from egotistical and elitist behavior. op is a person I would treasure as a friend let alone a life partner. people who harm and use others are ugly. their souls are contaminated with bile.

Why on earth would people select "you deserve it"? For the people who pressed YDI, I hope bad things happen to you.

Not saying I agree with a ydi. (because I dont) The only way I can justify a ydi is this: Fat or Thin, he was probably always a bastard

Badge hunters... Otherwise I agree. No one deserves that kind of treatment, especially after being so loyal.

I could see a ydi in the sense that she deserves better than him.

Not saying the OP's situation is the same but I knew a lady that left her husband after she lost half her body weight. She did so because she knew if she stayed with him she'd gain all her weight back because he was an enabler that keep bringing fatty foods home. When she explained for him not to, it fell on deaf ears. Her husband also refused to change his eating habits which was her past type. She wanted to better herself and felt he was sabotaging her diet out of jealousy. Who knows if the husband felt the same way?

On the YDI's, as a former fat guy, I can say losing weight does attract different women. I can't say if its for better or worse though. He was an ass for bailing for superficial reasons.

Yea it does attract different women, the kind that wouldn't look twice when he was 300 lbs. To me a person that loves you for you is worth 1000 of those "different women". OP, I'm sorry he was such an ass and, as many already replied, you are the one that deserves better.

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100- I understand what you are saying. But changing her life was her decision, not his. You can't force anyone to join in a lifestyle change they aren't ready for. It's the same with any addiction. She had willpower to lose it, she should have willpower to keep it off. A supportive spouse is wonderful, but to divorce or break up with someone because they aren't yet at a point they are ready to make a life long commitment to that lifestyle, is just wrong.

#161 I think you're missing #100's point. Seeing as you're comparing food addiction to alcohol addiction I'll do the same. Say the wife had an alcohol addiction which after a long period of hard work and dedication and willpower managed to get rid of. But her husband is an alcoholic who - if we take OP's account as completely accurate - is jealous of her success and not only brings home drinks every night and gets drunk in front of her (do I really have to elaborate how easily that can tear apart every single bit of effort the wife had made, especially as it's not a one-time thing), but actually WANTS her to fall back into her addiction because he's jealous he can't stay clean himself. That is not love. With a husband like THAT, if unable to reason out of, is worth leaving, no?

#167 thank you. I was trying to get off work so that I would have a chance to reply. You did a great job in my place.(: #161 sometimes you need to "love yourself" more than the person you're with in order to remain healthier. :P

Thank you, 168 :) I just realised nowhere in #161's comment did he/she mention alcohol addiction, for some reason I must have read it wrong. But he/she did say food addiction is comparable to any addiction, so my point still stands :)

What Op's husband did was wrong. He took someone who was supportive and loved him and threw her away, telling her she was not good enough. Sometimes when you make better choices for yourself, you change for the better or worse. My sister gave up smoking, but her boyfriend insisted on smoking around her. She left him because he was hurting his health and her own.

Sometimes you hit it by accident and for some reason, you can't turn it off!!!

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His lazy ass will gain it all back.

well he can do better, maybe its time you lost some weight