By LoveTheElder - 11/05/2016 01:38 - United States - San Clemente

Today, the elderly lady I work for got mad at me, all because I wouldn't feed her imaginary friend. FML
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Ah dementia, the gift that keeps repeating.

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She should sue you for negligence

Ah dementia, the gift that keeps repeating.

*Whoosh!* That's the sound of the joke flying right over your head #20

I should not have laughed at that, but I did.

Well you don't wanna it to starve, then you've got a whole nother FML to write

Haha, what a rookie mistake on her part. Why doesn't she just imagine her friend is full whenever they get hungry? Seriously, this is imaginary friends 101! Pfft. Mine is currently eating imaginary roast beef, but it's slightly burnt. :( Nothing you can do about that, though.

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But to her the friend is not imaginary. Dementia 101 !

You should have known that blue gets hungry too, he may be an imaginary friend, but he still needs to eat...

Your job is to take care of her, in which case just appease her

Did you give back her change in Monopoly money?

I say do it to please her. She's elderly and has paid her dues. Respect.

Leave perfectly good food out in the open to rot and stink because some demented old woman literally cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy anymore? No. At the very most, OP should just go along with the make-believe, but say that Imaginary Jerry already had his lunch, is acting like a greedy bastard, and should go on a diet because he can barely fit into his pants, anymore.