By merpaderp14 - 09/09/2013 06:15 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend found out it makes a funny fart sound when he blows hard into my mouth in the middle of making out. I can't get him to stop doing it every time we kiss. FML
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And who said romance is dead?

How old is your boyfriend?


And who said romance is dead?

Glamour Of The Kill did.

So did Parkway Drive.

You wouldn't know love!!!!

tjv3 10

Well stop kissing him. He will then learn

What I want to know is how he found this out in the first place...

I hope this isn't directed at me t.t

That sucks! Maybe you should try doing the same? Give him a taste of his own medicine!!

Or just stop kissing him until he stops.

It just sounds really painful to me.

Make a game of it: close your lips when he is about to do it. and do it to him first. Then giggle and proclaim yourself the winner. Become really good at it. Men dont enjoy losing. He will stop eventually. My husband did.

jazzy_123 20

not really a taste of his own medicine. My bf and I do it to each other and crack up every time one of us forgets and then gets upset about it. Its our own little game :)

Martinez0285 28

how pootyful

I'm sure that if you tell him that he'll get no sex if he continues that behavior, that he'll soon stop.

How do you know they're having sex?

you sir, have a beautiful brain.

How old is your boyfriend?

i would say around 13-14 judging by the username. but then again, my immature friend in grade 11 was doing this to his girlfriend not too long ago.

martin8337 35

Probably 12. # 8 I just saw that you said the same thing, I noticed that after I posted the comment.

caralily 10

My boyfriend is 20 and thinks it's really hilarious. But, he has the mentality of a 5 year old, so....

Judging by your username, it's likely that you're both on the younger side, so I'm not too surprised.

#6, considering Merpaderp14 is subbed to pewdiepie, smosh, onedirection and shane on YouTube, I think it's really obvious.

mimiminx 23

Stalk much?

Nope, a simple click, drag, click, click, click and click.

actually were seniors in highschool I just can't say I care much about my username haha

Depending on just how much he enjoys "blowing hard", keep your eyes peeled op. He may be swinging for the other team.

What is the logic behind this? This makes zero sense

RedPillSucks 31

That would probably make more sense if he was sucking on her tongue during the kiss.... Damn. Just gave myself a bad mental image.

Is your boyfriend, by any chance, a lifeguard?

solesamurai 3

This joke doesn't get enough appreciation

Well just make it clear that theres nothing sexy about a mouthful of hot breath air. Shocking you actually have to explain this to someone.

And every time we touch, I get this feeling. And every time we kiss, I swear I could die. You sometimes make a fart noise no, Always you blow I need a different guy