By Lovemynewhaircut - United States - Brentwood
Today, I got a new haircut. I was feeling pretty confident, until coworkers and family members kept making comments like, "I think you gained a little weight", "You look older" and "Do you still like guys?" Apparently, my new haircut changed my waist size and my sexual orientation. FML
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By  XxNekoLovexX  |  26

Pay no mind to their comments. If you are confident with your new haircut, then that's all that should matter is that you're happy with it, regardless of what others think :)

  FrietvanPiet  |  16

Hard to be confident when only OP likes it. It is very hard to just ignore eveyone else's opinion as we are social creatures that care about what other people think (especially people close to you)

  Bragi  |  12

3 - Typical "you go" advice, and terrible. Clearly it doesn't look good and clearly she's uncomfortable about it. Have you considered that the OP could just be wrong?


It's only what you think that matters, as long as you enjoy your haircut no matter what anyone else says should matter. even if it makes everyone think youre gay.


Hey OP here, I wrote this before making my profile if your wondering why I am not writing with the same nickname. Anyways, Im still rocking my A-line with confidence- I have a very judgemental circle of Friends/Family/coworkers as you can see. I like it, end of story. Thanks for the encouraging comments everyone!

By  1dvs_bstd  |  41

Fans and critics said eminem's 'fack' song is one of his worst ever, you know what he did? He put the damn fucking song on his greatest hits album. Point is, you like it, you rock it with your initial confidence. If people don't like it, tell them to go suck a lemon or better yet hug a high tension cable.


#28 So OP should alter her life, change her appearance, and hide her feelings because obviously everyone else's views are what will truly make her happy and fulfilled in herself? You will have never truly lived if you carry on only to please others.

By  fsomelife  |  26

So with one haircut you became a confident, old, fat lesbian.

Did you perchance go to the same barber who was planning on quitting and slicing people bangs off the other day?