By meegs - Canada
Today, my sister asked me if she could go into my closet to borrow my favourite dress for a party she was going to tonight. When I asked her where she was going, she said to a Halloween costume party. My sister is going as a prostitute. FML
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By  knibbsy  |  4

Good job, OP, you've officially earned my respect. Dressing like a whore and not realizing it - that's my kind of woman. You're probably dumb enough to get in my candy van as well. At least I hope. I LOVE HOOKERS.

  IAreStarfeesh  |  0

Guy 1"You spent our rent on philipeno hookers!?" Guy 2"They're not hookers! They're massage therapists!" Guy 3 " Yeah they'll massage your cock for five bucks. There's a word for that. I think it's hooker." Guy 1"YOU'RE A HOOKER"