By Anonymous - 19/11/2014 17:40 - Canada - Windsor

Today, my boyfriend said "You're a real work of art. You know, the abstract kind that no one likes. Anyway, we need to break up." FML
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Hey abstract is an acquired taste but very expensive and classy. Move on and forward.


dylanger16 19

yeah she is. at least OP is a ******* master piece, unlike that guy who is a piece of shit.

OP is a piece of art at a museum and they say not to touch the masterpieces. His boyfriend is not allowed to touch him. Agreed OP you're better off without him

Go Van Gogh on his ass--except, chop off his dong. Or better yet, use a rusty cheese grater.

Wow , a little too far... Jebus.... Battery acid and water torture is much more humane .

The iPhone app doesn't show things like gender, location, etc so mistaking she for he is an honest mistake.

incoherentrmblr 21

#59, that would be Lorena Bobbitt...

Totally. The boyfriend's a real piece of shit.

What he said was funny... Well if it was a joke kept in your own head that is

He sounds horrible! You could do so much better OP

Wow, good riddance OP, you don't need a douchebag like that.

Hey abstract is an acquired taste but very expensive and classy. Move on and forward.

Daryl thinks otherwise: "It looks like a dog sat on paint and smeared his ass all over it."

And some how I think I'd pay more for a painting by a dogs ass then "daryl's" opinion .

tayymeds 23

#37 haha walking dead reference!

That was a quote from Daryl talking about a painting on the last episode of the "Walking Dead". Carol liked it, Daryl thought otherwise. I'm up to date on the series so I understood the hidden joke. (:

19990231 29

49, it's not a hidden joke; he blatantly who said the 'funny line'.

Son of a bitch I didn't get that far yet ....

@61, No real spoiler was given. Just that those 2 are still alive and Daryl's become a professional art criticinterpreter.

Dodge4x4Ram 46

there's the right way & then the wrong way, this wasn't the right way

Wow never heard that line before. It's that new.

Well, at least you know now before you guys got married or something. Someone someday will find you to be a beautiful piece of art, so don't worry about it!


Haven't heard that before. Sorry op, someone will appreciate you though