By sick - 21/09/2009 19:50 - United States

Today, I decided I would call in sick to work after working 60 hours the week before just so I could have a day off... My body responded this morning with vomiting and diarrhea so I had to call in sick and didn't get to have much fun... Karma 1 Me 0. FML
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hady9090 0

Well, now you won't feel bad about lying!

Haha. Karma ftw.


FIRST!!! but I don't get it. you got the day off right? you had to

OhhxGoshhxAri 0

What she meant was that she was going to take a sick day. She wasn't sick though. When she woke up, she was sick. So she had to take one anyway. Instead of having fun, she was stuck at home sick. What's not to get?

OK, maybe I don't know how karma works...but usually isn't the action committed before karma takes action?? I mean, if you are just thinking about doing it, you have not done anything wrong besides wish to take a day off.

OhhxGoshhxAri 0

She used the word wrong. Karma would have been if she had taken a fake sick day, then the next day got sick and had to go to work.

or maybe it has to do with intention

Reyo 2

HAHA Murphey's law strikes again. Though seriously, your boss should understand that sicknesses take more than one day to kick out of your system. If he complains, drive to work, walk right into his office, and puke right onto his desk. If he fires you, you don't want to work with the jackass anyway.

skullbashd 3

maybe it was intution

karmas a bitch ain't it?

hady9090 0

Well, now you won't feel bad about lying!

She probably got tired faster since she was sick (but didn't know it yet).

Haha. Karma ftw.

Sounds like food poisoning....if you can't get anything to stay down at all, see a doctor right away.

Woman's intuition all the way!! Hope you feel better soon!

YDI for misusing the word "karma".

Agreed 100%. Frickin' buttmunches.

So don't go to work? I'm sure they don't want to be around someone who is like a ticking vomit bomb waiting to go off at any time.

I agree with #17.

I agree with Rachel...

lem0n_fml 0

oh come on. this was funny the first time i saw it but all these future agreement posts are pointless.

Just take an extra day when you get to feeling better.

JerryYelton 0

This sounds more like a MyLifeIsAverage, ironic events like this belong over there, and btw that's what you get for skipping!

XD Well that certainly didn't take long. Be careful what you say here.