By theboywithlonghair - 09/09/2009 04:24 - United States

Today, I decided to go get my hair cut because it was getting a bit long. I told the lady that I wanted it way short and she replied "Why? You will look like a guy sweetie." I am a guy. FML
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If she's that blind, you don't want her anywhere near your hair with scissors.

Is this Zack Effron?


.... this is a good thing if you look at it in the right way, promise!!

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shes right you know, maybe you can find a bi girl? lol

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It CAN be a good thing. I've heard some girls say they prefer girly-looking men. Just wear tight jeans and guyliner..

Even if he was a girl, it was none of her business how she wanted it cut. The comments was rude either way.

Grow a pair. You must be all of 10 if she didn't notice your voice.

Is this Zack Effron?


dudeitsdanny 9

I'd normally agree with anything offending Zac Efron... But I think he'd make a f***ing ugly girl.

I was thinking justin bieber lol

If she's that blind, you don't want her anywhere near your hair with scissors.

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YDi having fenail sholders


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83's comment and picture together make me so happy

I'm not one to judge, but if people are confusing your gender and you're getting offended, then there's something you're doing wrong.

Haha, FHL. Would have been more mortifying for her than you.

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YDI for looking like Adam Lambert.

Adam Lambert is hot

YDI for being some sort of femmy pseudoman.