By Anonymous - 17/10/2013 16:12 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I let a friend cut my hair. I soon went from having a 'fro to looking like I lost a fight with a lawn mower. FML
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Next time fight harder

Why would you cut off an afro in the first place?


Next time fight harder

I guess you could say: he shaved a lot of money... YEEEEEAAAAAAHHHH

Why would you cut off an afro in the first place?

Seriously. Afros have become an endangered species, OP, and they're so beautiful and majestic. You can't do that to them! YOU JUST CAN NOT!

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"You mess with the fro, you gotta go." -Undercover Brother

Can I just hug you right now. You sir, just made my night.

did you know your friend couldn't cut your hair properly? I could never trust someone like that... but that's just me

i let my friend cut my hair once, she was a certified hair hairdresser but failed to mention that she had been only working there one hair turned out to look like my old barbie's hair after i was done playibg "hairdresser".

At least you can act gangster and say you lost it in a turf war.

Act gangster? Turf war? What does an afro or lack thereof have to do with either of those things?

"Turf" as in lawn, "acting gangster" as in bragging rights and a loose association between gangsters and afros.

Would that be an afro turf war ?

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Hmm, never seen people with afros to be particularly bellicose/territorial.

Always get it done professionally

It's better than getting in a fight with a wood chipper.

No one ever wins when there's a Wood chipper involved.

My great grandpappi survived a wood chipper once, then the sand blaster got him •-•

Fros are awesome! Maybe that was the fro's way of telling you that you should never cut it.

Just be badass and tell people you won the fight with the mower. they can be dangerous!

"Yeah, you should see the lawn mower."

"He had blades this big"

Shaved my head once. I got called "Bobby" for a solid month.

I've learned to not let friends cut my hair, the hard way.

Yet another reason to never trust friends with anything that has to do with your appearance.