By Traffickills - 22/04/2016 00:30 - United States - Hyattsville

Today, after breaking up with my girlfriend, we were stuck behind a 7-car accident for 2 hours in the car. FML
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I'd be more concerned for the people who got in the accident, lol.

andrmac 25

Awkward silence...


andrmac 25

Awkward silence...

*awkwardly meets ex-girlfriend's eye in the mirror *

It didn't have to be awkward. All he had to do was log on to McDonald's wifi and listen to a podcast to pass the time.

I see what you did there. ^^

I'd be more concerned for the people who got in the accident, lol.

Sternutation is a fancy word for the act of sneezing.

That would be so fucking awkward. FYL OP.

Also, girlfriend*. If there's a moderator on, fix it please.

That's what mine says, what was it before?

That must've been awkward

Steffi3 40

I always wonder about people getting stuck with their ex somewhere. Who thinks going on a car ride together after breaking up is a good idea?

Maybe they broke up in the car while one was driving the other home?

ShannonBitt 29

I would've waited until I was home or vice versa

Once me and an ex had broken up while I was over at his apartment... I didn't have my car with me so he had to drive me home afterward.

Did you make up?

Make up what? (yes I got what he meant)

Malsain_fml 10

Is breaking up in a car a good idea on the first place?

CaptainHonor 15

Should've waited to tell her when you guys were both home.

At least it's over now