By Skankeriffic - / Friday 19 February 2010 05:13 / United States
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  alexisthename  |  0

It takes me a minimum of an hour to and from work each day.

L.A. traffic will make you want to cut a bitch.

Or ram your car into someone else's.

Or pretend you don't see that motorcyclist coming towards you as you contemplate changing lanes.

By  lun8423  |  0

Honestly, unless "got out of hands" means, "he tried to/did rape me", YDI. I mean, who the hell tries to flee from a loosy date, but flooring the gaspedal, while in a bumper-to-bumper queue? That's like BEGGING to get arrested. And I feel for the fellow who you hit. Whiplash isn't really that great, and you're difinitively not prepared to get hit in such a queue, making the whiplash so much worse.

But yeah. FYL to be forced to sit in a traffic-queue next to an ex-date, when you probably gave the people infront of you whiplash. It's ego's like you who aren't needed in society, imo, just so you know.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

This exactly. You'd already been sitting traffic for half an hour but suddenly thought you could floor it? And for what, to escape from a guy who you'd been next to for half an hour without any catastrophe happening? You completely deserve the lawsuit and insurance hike coming your way.

  hjrn  |  0

Maybe she was the one that got out of control and he got a restraining order against her so she got scared when she broke it. Yeah that must be what happened.


Today, I will be sleeping in my aunt and uncle's living room. It is 90 degrees. There is an air conditioner but if you turn it on, the raccoons living in the wall will get pissed off and try to claw through the wall. Only five more nights sweating my balls off or imagining racoons having angry sex. FML

By ironik970 / Saturday 17 September 2011 06:56 / United States
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