By Skankeriffic - United States
Today, I sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic for half an hour. The entire time, a man I had gone on a date with and that had gotten very out of hand with, was sitting in the car next to me. I noticed, panicked, and tried to drive off, rear-ending the car in front of me. FML
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  alexisthename  |  0

It takes me a minimum of an hour to and from work each day.

L.A. traffic will make you want to cut a bitch.

Or ram your car into someone else's.

Or pretend you don't see that motorcyclist coming towards you as you contemplate changing lanes.

By  lun8423  |  0

Honestly, unless "got out of hands" means, "he tried to/did rape me", YDI. I mean, who the hell tries to flee from a loosy date, but flooring the gaspedal, while in a bumper-to-bumper queue? That's like BEGGING to get arrested. And I feel for the fellow who you hit. Whiplash isn't really that great, and you're difinitively not prepared to get hit in such a queue, making the whiplash so much worse.

But yeah. FYL to be forced to sit in a traffic-queue next to an ex-date, when you probably gave the people infront of you whiplash. It's ego's like you who aren't needed in society, imo, just so you know.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

This exactly. You'd already been sitting traffic for half an hour but suddenly thought you could floor it? And for what, to escape from a guy who you'd been next to for half an hour without any catastrophe happening? You completely deserve the lawsuit and insurance hike coming your way.

  hjrn  |  0

Maybe she was the one that got out of control and he got a restraining order against her so she got scared when she broke it. Yeah that must be what happened.