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  Welshite  |  39

You can pick it, but it doesn't mean they'll stay. We attempted to move my great-grandmother to a retirement home about five years ago. The morning after her move-in my uncle asked how she liked it, and she punched him right in the jaw whilst screaming profanities at him. We moved her out the same day and took her back home.

It nearly started a revolution in the place. People started complaining to their children and asking why they couldn't go home too.

  PencilTips  |  19

And quite sad.. poor old people. They're envious and just want to have thier old life back, not feel pampered all the time. Btw, #2 your great grandmother sounds like a badass.

By  Quendolin  |  24

I'd be so mad that I would throw my wisdom teeth at them!

  Quendolin  |  24

Interesting, because when I got them removed, I was asked if I wanted to take them home.

  Kitsune_Tearz  |  11

I got offered the one they were able to take out whole.... 3 of mine were very large and still under the gums (no room for them to come in or anything) and had to be broken apart to take them out....