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  unsealingkale  |  18

The "rear-ended my girlfriend" thing was a relevant little bit of innuendo, so thank you very much for exposing that all the way and drawing all humor out of it.

By  Dominus101  |  20

Definitely YDI ! Distracted Driving is always dangerous & this was purely your negligence, rear ending her vehicle may have been the least of worries had this ended much worse, but anyways I hope the lesson was well learned and you both were not seriously injured.

  EastCoastLez  |  14

This is the most entitled post I've read all week. Not everyone is fortunate enough to make a wage that pays for a newer car. Most older cars don't have that option. Educate yourself.


not on all cars. especially not on older ones. that is a somewhat new feature. also you can't select your "saved/favourited" stations on your steering wheel... I think. Not to defend OP. Distracted driving is dangerous. They lucky it was a car and not a person. Totally a YDI. They shoulda waited for a red light or something before changing the station (until they get enough of a feeling of their car that they can more or less know where the buttons are w/o taking their eyes off the road)

  species4872  |  19

Yeah while not taking eyes off the road.