By Anonymous - 25/01/2017 02:00

Today, I was driving to work, following my girlfriend's car. I looked down to change the radio station and felt a large bump. I rear-ended my girlfriend. FML
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Hey, maybe on bright side she'll take the hint and do anal.

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How is that even a hint to wanting anal?

Rear-ending is a synonym for anal sex. You're welcome.

The "rear-ended my girlfriend" thing was a relevant little bit of innuendo, so thank you very much for exposing that all the way and drawing all humor out of it.

There wasn't any humour in it in the first place.

Definitely YDI ! Distracted Driving is always dangerous & this was purely your negligence, rear ending her vehicle may have been the least of worries had this ended much worse, but anyways I hope the lesson was well learned and you both were not seriously injured.

I believe your supposed to do that in a bedroom. Not in cars.

you know there's a button on the steering wheel to change stations right

Oh to be so privileged to have a car like that. could be *shock horror* an old car without that convenience.

This is the most entitled post I've read all week. Not everyone is fortunate enough to make a wage that pays for a newer car. Most older cars don't have that option. Educate yourself.

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you know not all cars have that luxury right?!

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not on all cars. especially not on older ones. that is a somewhat new feature. also you can't select your "saved/favourited" stations on your steering wheel... I think. Not to defend OP. Distracted driving is dangerous. They lucky it was a car and not a person. Totally a YDI. They shoulda waited for a red light or something before changing the station (until they get enough of a feeling of their car that they can more or less know where the buttons are w/o taking their eyes off the road)

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where the **** did all these replies come from? GDI, FML staff, fix this damn app!

for new cars yeah but seeing as they did not specify the vehicle it's safe to assume it's lacking the button

You know that older cars don't have that, right?

Only button on my steering wheel was the horn. Not all cars are "modern".

That is super irresponsible of you! You won't die listening to a station you don't like for a while but you could've killed someone!

Same thing I said when I hit my gf in the rear. "It was an accident"

I'm willing to bet everyone who's posted has changed the radio station while driving at one point or another. Smh.

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Yeah while not taking eyes off the road.