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Today, while driving on the highway, I got stuck in a traffic jam. Upon glancing over at the car in the next lane, I saw it was my ex as of a week ago. We sat in barely moving traffic right next to each other for half an hour. FML
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Haha revenge sex with who herself? lmao anyways that suxs OP I would have to blast music sing to keep my mind off of him being there and prolly wanting to cry I'm guessing a smoke a cig I bet he didn't even pay attention that you were there!

  LogicPolice  |  0

This situation is only always because the op made it so. if the op had pretended he hadn't noticed her, the situation could have been avoided. Or, even better, he could have changed his mindset about it and made HER feel awkward. I'm sure she would be freaking out if u stared at her provocatively for 30 minutes.

  whitesox365  |  0

just go to illinois, everything is illegal here! in the city i live in segways and under car lights are illegal. and carrying guns is IMPOSSIBLE without a hassle.