By boipucci - 22/04/2016 01:04 - United States - East Brunswick

Today, my drug dealer was the only one who wished me a happy birthday. FML
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OP here. Thanks to the actual birthday wishes. Didn't do anything special, but thanks nonetheless.

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emi_alejandra 23

Ever had a thought your addiction might be in a way of making real friends? No? Just putting an idea out there.

KhaleesiDannie 26

Who says it's an addiction? He might just smoke some weed sometimes

It's impossible to be addicted to weed though.

Im addicted to pictures of rainbow ponies

Maybe OP would have more friends if he wasn't a druggo

32, it's probably just his weed man. You need to take a "chill pill" yourself.

Shade0000 9

One of the largest rules in maintaining a good business: Remember as much as possible about your best customers.

48- he would but those pills are drugs and people who do drugs are druggos and can't be trusted

Yes indeedy-doo, 79. On a side note, I don't understand people who flat out refuse medicines or medical treatment for things that are easily curable. That's basically why medicine exists.

HarleyBlues 24
commanderinkush 3

Of course he did, he needs to keep you coming back to him. Maybe step away from the drugs so that you can have people who care about you in your life. Happy Birthday, let this be a new beginning for you.

It makes me sad that everyone who is mentioning op's drugs in a way that isn't supportive of them is getting down voted.

That is because we don't know if op smokes weed every now and then or if he does crack. We have not enough informations to blame him, so just make him feel better. Happy Birthday btw

I've seen this FML before, twice actually..

Was it this time last year and the year before that?

KhaleesiDannie 26

Happy birthday man I hope you had a good time regardless