By f03_f0r_l1f3 - United States
Today, I broke up with my girlfriend. Driving her home, we got stuck in a construction zone. I waited half an hour with with my ex-girlfriend bawling her eyes out in the passenger seat as I watched the traffic lady eat her lunch. FML
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Lmao! Same here xD
btw it's sandwich* :P

OP; you're an idiot for breaking up with her knowing you'd still have to be around her for the day. And you couldn'tve tried to comfort her? Dick.

  happyhak  |  5

Lol #138. OP, I'm not going to say YDI because you broke up with her. Every person has a right to break up with their partner. I'm not going to say YDI because you drove your girlfriend home after breaking up with her (it was great you did that, most boys would have made them walk. Plus, how were you to know you would be stuck in traffic like that). But I'm not putting FYL because its more like FYGL (f*** your girlfriends life)

  Alien8  |  6

The only person I have ever heard that from is someone at my school named Brittany. This really creeps me out that you username is Whittney.


Breaking up with someone doesn't make it your fault. FYL because at least you had the decency to drive her home instead of some of the others that would have just left her stranded and FYL because you didn't fake get along with her so you wouldn't have to deal with her tears in the car.

  imkendra  |  0

Would have been better to break up with her at her place so she could cry privately at home and you could easily leave. But the road construction was a definite FYL.

By  englishmuffin  |  0

Hmmm that's a tough one. It was nice of you to drive her back home albeit awkward. But half an hour isn't THAT bad. You'll live.

When her friends start giving you dirty looks, calling you a douchebag, and commenting on the size of your penis, that's when it's FYL.

By  SweetestSin  |  4

Why the hell did you not wait until you had her home to do it??? You created that awkward situation which could have easily been prevented had you not broke up with her prior to the car ride

By  emelia_fml  |  0

I don't think it's a matter of deserving it... He was nice to drop her off. And he was nice enough not to dump her outside her doorstep, but to do it in an actual house where they could probably talk about it..? It just sucks as a situation, that's all.

By  miss_mayhem_01  |  0

that happened to me once.. i was dating a guy, he dumped me an then had to take me home.. to make it worse, he picked up a friend on the way to my house.. so i was trying to be all cheerfull so he didnt get sympathetic on me cos i wouldve cried myself stupid.. but as i got home i burst into tears.. NOTE TO ALL MEN : never ever break up with your chick an still have to drive her home!! Epic fail..

  fmlbaby_fml  |  0

Seriously! She's the one who had to sit in the car with some ass who just dumped her, crying her eyes out... She wanted to get out of there worse than he did, I'm sure! Poor girl!

  IntoTheClouds  |  42

So if a guy has the decency to break up with her in person, he's an ass, and if he cheats on her, he's an ass. . . so he's always an ass? Really? Stop throwing the word "ass" around. The guy was not an ass.