By Anonymous - 06/12/2010 10:37 - Australia

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me by sending me a text. She was sitting right beside me on a 10 hour car trip, and there was still 6 more hours to go. FML
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robc32ca 4

pull over get gas leave her behind

RedPillSucks 31

So what happened in the previous 4 hours?


yeah, that does AUCKS! on a side note, i wonder why she broke up with

iSitt 0

you have six hours to win her back

show her Ur penis she will make it up to u.

aha, I love it when ppl mis spell things. :)

You love it when...uh... *head explodes from the irony*

Doc - are you American? If so, well bloody done! The first American in history to get irony!

53, much of American comedy is based on irony. Also, it's sad if you base your worldview of others based on your interactions through an online forum.

33- not unless its the size of justin biebers or smaller (wait, is that possible?)

missvee98324 0

YDI for texting while driving

That would be a good time to let her remember all those times she's been a condescending bitch to you. Don't ya think? :D

stephanie0613 0

And you know the size of Justin Biebers penis because ?.....

Turns out Americans are easy to wind up as well. Obviously my world view has been shaped just from people's comments on FML - it's not like I ever go out and do things or anything.

pwincessa23 1

I would have kicks her out of the car. "you wanna break up? ok, get out since u no longer have a boyfriend u also no longer have a car ride" unless it was her car.

yeah. I'd work to make it even more awkward. like discuss the decision with her. :)

anonymous100000 17

OP should've just kicked her ass out of the car right there.

jiggyjiggz 0

next time buy a plane ticket.

austin1414 3

so he can jump out and kill himself, given the circumstances

StrayXL 0

No No No Then he wouldn't be able to say this. You see that right next to you it's a door now GTFO and enjoy the walk

nollid7 5

#88 you're right, I'd say ok get out and here's your S***!

Sounds like she is quite impulsive. Must break up with you NOW!

robc32ca 4

pull over get gas leave her behind

grumpybarista 0

Get gas, send her to the loo... and while she's there, text her "OK" - and let her find out by herself when she gets out that you've taken the hint and gone along alone :D !


Shit your pants, lock the windows.

lol nice exept I would grab her and start kissing her ;D

RedPillSucks 31

So what happened in the previous 4 hours?