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  alex_vik  |  0

To #18 - We're smart enough to not fucking text while driving. Texting takes your eyes off the road for as long as it takes to type a text, which is either a while with one hand, or not too long with two hands, but that takes your hands off the wheel.

Basically, what I'm saying is that OP is a complete idiot and shouldn't drive.

  dr_random  |  11

#18 - It's one thing to take your eyes off the road briefly, it's an entirely different matter if you're texting. That sort of dangerous behaviour could really have hurt someone in different circumstances.

  george456  |  0

OP: to punish you for your stupidity, Ima rear end your mom while texting. Well, I guess that would be a punishment for you and a reward for your mom.

  FatalWedgie  |  0

^ idiot.
Anyways. for those of you that think you're "good" enough to drive and text at the same time, please do everyone else a favor and sacrifice yourselves for a safer humanity

  sourgirl101  |  28

I got rearended also but not by a car! Haha! Sorry I thought this was the joke section. No one is going to tell the op that they do not deserve it. However, many of you are also guilty of txt driving (except you little kiddies that don't drive yet).

  focusf111  |  0

dumbass, you got what you deserve. there's a reason there's a law against using your phone at all (in most places) while driving unless you have a headset. use that vacant skull of yours...I hope you guys aren't as bad as your Canadian counterparts..

  jamjam12  |  15

hahaha thats seriously my locker number! not even joking! :D but seriously you shouldnt be texting and driving. its better to talk on the phone (even though you still shouldnt do that!) but you def deserved that one. i feel worse for the dude you rear-ended.

  angryseatroll  |  5

Car and Driver did a study and as it turns out reaction times are worse while texting than drunk driving. I'm not sayig drive drunk. Do neither. YDI. Don't text and drive please. You'll get someone killed.

  anyone918  |  0

everyone makes mistakes. but texting while driving is not a mistake, it's stupid. so the OP is being ridiculed for making a very, very, VERY stupid decision rather than for making a mistake.

  skullbashd  |  3

I doubt most of you can even drive and would do the same thing for those who can drive I'm sure you've all down something just like it but your trying to look like your better doing something just as bad I sometimes dial and drive not much text but it still can be the same so all of you bashing op shut up

  brocho  |  26

119, you can't "carefully" text and drive, dumbass. You're going to get somebody killed. It's also incredibly selfish to risk others' lives for your stupid, irrelevant texts.