By El Stupido - 12/06/2011 13:51 - Australia

Today, I was stuck in stand-still traffic for 5 minutes, before realizing I had stopped behind a parked car. FML
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every1luvsvag 10

You didn't notice the other moving cars around you? You, sir, lack intelligence.


you couldn't just look to see if there were any other cars?

The lack of OP noticing other cars moving makes me a sad panda.

34- your 100% right, I mean if your comment is less than 2 words, don't even post. I mean c'mon!

*calls out whatever comment number I am*

that's worse than driving In reverse for 15 minutes before realizing you weren't going forwards

KingDingALing 9

115- Actually, driving in reverse for 15 minutes is worse. You can't get in an accident if your car is in one place, unless someone crashes into you. You can crash and die if you're driving in reverse, especially if you're doing so for 15 minutes. You can't even make that comparison.

LolMoqz 10

Scientists are trying to find intelligent life on other planets. I'm trying to find intelligent life here on earth.

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a_nutritionist 10

actually i have been in this situation, but not by choice. after pulling up to an intersection to turn, in which the cars were not following the marked lanes, i discovered id pulled up behind a parked taxi (there is a no parking sign there, as theres no space to park), before i could move, several people pulled up behind me and i was trapped. if the OP was one of those who pulled up behind me the

122 Scientists are looking for intelligent life on other planets because they couldn't find any here.

minecraft_fml 4

you didn't see that there was nobody in the car? and it's not stop and go traffic if there isn't a go.

fthislyfe 22

I don't agree, sometimes we're soooooooooo ****** up that we can't pay attention to what's going on around us, so FYL for being ****** up

psychwardnurse 0

then OP shouldn't have been driving if he can't notice that he was behind a parked car. so he is an idiot, as are you.

fthislyfe 22

you mean whenever ur upset u dont drive and u stay at home? ur the stupid one here

dyble95 0

oh calm down people. everybody makes mistakes no matter the stupidity. they probably just didnt get enough sleep last night and were tired so they were out of it. as much as I dont believe in karma I will say this. karma is a bitch and it might just get u guys. :p

slimjim8094 12

If I were upset enough to compromise my driving, I wouldn't drive. This is driving 101, at least if you don't want to kill some poor bastard.

dyble95 0

149 I think you need to look up the definition. I was stating that all the people that are calling op an idiot will probably make a stupid mistake themselves. thus karma has got them.

dyble95 0

the word karma actually came from budism or Hinduism. it means that your actions will have an effect on your future lives but now a days people use the word when they mean your actions will have an effect on your present live (usually soon after and ushaully the same thing they did but on to them). atleast to my understanding it is but correct me if I'm wrong. I also don't actually believe in karma but I was just saying because I know a lot of people do.

according to most information, karma can also affect your current life aswell as your next one

149 Karma I know this one.

yeah didn't he see the brake lights weren't on?

when your on drugs the last thing you notice are brake lights

Yinky_Unbanned 0

Shit gets me everytime.. -.- lol

Unfortunately, the same thing has happened to me. My work is in the same parking lot as a gym, and very often inconsiderate people will stop in front of the entrance and wait to pick someone up. To get around these jerk-offs, you have to drive into oncoming traffic. Because I have to deal with this so often, I protest by waiting behind the car and laying on the horn until they move. The way the parking lot is angled you can't see around the offending car, so one night I sat behind a car that I thought was stopped and honked for a good 5 minutes. When I finally decided to give up my protest and go around the idiot, I realized I was honking at an empty car. The selfish, lazy jerk left his car in the middle of the road!

addiizcherry 0

your bio says to message you... so, I'm messaging you! @Cormac46 on twittterr:)

iLove2LoveU 0

wow I so would have done something like that cuz I'm stupid

You're grammar definately proves your comment.

iLove2LoveU 0

I'm sorry my grammar was improper! I forgot that it mattered so much that it was perfect! geez grammar Nazi! haha

91- You've made 2 mistakes. Oh the irony.

a_nutritionist 10

@154 im thinking it was meant to be sarcastic. actually im hoping its meant to be sarcastic, my thinking is that its unlikely. im pretty sure i actually cringed when i read their comment. please tell me all those thumbs up were from people who identified sarcasm...

Yes I know :( I realized the mistakes after posting. I'm such a fail X( On a side note, damn I've been spelling definitely wrong my whole life.

Oh. My. God. That is SO cool. We all worship you, even though you're not first, because you made such a valiant effort and had such an intelligent comment...

but really I did look ^ sorry. I just got excited.

what's that?....... I think it's the sound of no one caring

every1luvsvag 10

You didn't notice the other moving cars around you? You, sir, lack intelligence.

That was the same thing I was thinking, wouldn't he notice that?

Maybe he was too busy swearing at the parked car in front of him to notice.

he apparently didn't notice the lack of person in the car infront of him.

dyble95 0

people are born with there intelligence. not really ops fault if he was born with almost none.

itsallgoodintheh 0
KiddNYC1O 20

#10- Come again? If ***you're*** going to insult someone based on intelligence, don't make yourself look twice as stupid in the process...

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KiddNYC1O 20

me eyes is hurting after reading that ,

MissBunnyWillEat 11

hi, my name iz itsallgoodintheh, and I has well grammar. I call peopleses retardededed when I type Lyke I is be blind. Oh, how I love irony. Please, for the love of god, throw your phone and or itouch out of the window and get an education. Love, MissBunny

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