By anon - 06/05/2015 12:50 - United States - Lawrence

Today, I finally reached the point where it became necessary to give my boyfriend an ultimatum: either clip your toenails, or we aren't having sex. FML
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I'm extremely curious about what his choice was

He was really toeing the line, eh? Glad you finally put your foot down


I'm extremely curious about what his choice was

I think his choice would be the first option.

or so you thought. they probably haven't had sex for as long as his toenails are

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kinda sad that you have to do that. should be basic hygiene to clip your nails regularly!

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You can't boss Howard Hughes around like that

Even though 5 hours is way too early to worry that shit can still be scary for women. Just let her know 5 hours isnt anything to worry about

Wtf kind of sex are you having that toenails come into play ? Plus ultimatums always work so well. ... Next fml will he cheated on her

Should not be involved rather... that's kinda the problem I guess...

Either it's a foot fetish, or she just gets poked by his toes more than his manhood every night. Sex would simply be leverage.

22, if that's the case that's some freakishly long toenails worthy of Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum!

I don't mean during sex! I meant while asleep. Haha

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Yeah using sex for leverage is always a bad idea. #5 is right if you try to use sex to control him a common reaction is to show you that you dont have a monopoly on it.

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What exactly is controlling about not wanting to get scratched up by his toe nails all the time?

If she's using sex as an irrelevant ultimatum, then yeah that's a bad thing. But if she's disgusted by his toe nails to the point that it literally becomes a "turn-off" for her, then it's only normal she shouldn't be forced into having sex with him when she doesn't want to. I am disgusted when people go 4+ days without showering, and would not want to sleep with someone who couldn't keep that minimum hygiene. If for her it's keeping toe nails clean, I see no reason why she should force herself to sleep with him while inwardly feeling disgusted and unhappy by every moment of it. Or (as people said) he might be scratching her with his toes. My toes get really sharp when they are too long, to the point that it causes bloody gashes in my feet sometimes (if I walk into the other by accident), or it easily leaves long scratch marks on my bf if my toes graze him. So yes, I make a point of cutting them as often as possible.

It's more sad she needs to use sex so he takes care of personal hygene. If I would understand anything here it's that she breaks up with this child she's with now. How pathetic must you be that you need to have an ultimatum to take care of yourself?

He was really toeing the line, eh? Glad you finally put your foot down

Hopefully she did not step on his toenails while doing so. hahaha

Exactly the same problem here, WTF with their toenails ??

Should never use sex as a bargaining tool.

Totally agree. Nails the size of talons are narsty. I'm thankful my boyfriend wears socks most of the time because his are disgusting. But I just think no one should use sex to get what they want. Revoke something else like, not making supper anymore, or not doing his laundry, etc.

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Soneone always ends up hurt.

I am getting the impression he's accidentally scratching her during sex. If that's not why then yeah that's bad, but if it is she shouldn't have to put up with being scratched

It might be that they really turn her off and she doesn't want to have sex when they are that long, or that they scratch her and make it uncomfortable. But sounds like a bargaining situation from the fml

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