By Sheldon76 - 24/02/2015 19:43

Today, it was the day my catheter was to be removed. The nurse removing it deflated the balloon, and then tried pulling it out. After me screaming in extreme pain, she found out she hadn't actually deflated the balloon all the way. She was trying to pull a small balloon through my dick hole. FML
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Sheldon76 tells us more.

Well once she felt the resistance she stopped and deflated it fully. But unfortunately it had traveled some down the urethra before she realized. So I had to wait while she grabbed another syringe unfortunately.

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*every single guy on FML shudders and clutches his dick* I'm honestly glad I cannot relate to this.

I don't have a penis but I can imagine the pain. I'm so sorry! :c


MrZsDad 19

Not exactly the happy ending you were hoping for, sorry dude.

*every single guy on FML shudders and clutches his dick* I'm honestly glad I cannot relate to this.

AnOriginalName 19

No joke, I did precisely that upon reading the story. Still cringing/shuddering in pain at the thought.

I don't have a penis but I'm cringing so hard!

HOW CAN ANYONE ASSUME HE DESERVES THIS? Nobody should have to feel that pain!

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I'm a girl and I'm cringing. The urethra is just as small in women as in men. It would cause pain for anybody.

I'm a female and even I put my hands over my crotch and cringed

Believe me, it hurt like crazy. It was just an insane relief when she finally did remove it!

As a girl who needed one for a almost routine medical test I had to get while have kidney/bladder problems, even as a girl its awful. After having the test twice I begged my mom enough for them to put me under for it. It is a bit worse for guys though. Awful for anyone/thing that can feel pain.

I feel like when someone gets hurt badly, it's like human nature to defend the same part.

I can relate, though a child when I've had that catheter pain, it's an unfortunate medical negligence thing the in my case, doctors apologised for.

Ava_Darkflame 26

#39, definitely not... our vaginas stretch, at least, their "dick hole" (?) doesnt at all. Even getting kicked in the balls hurts more than giving birth, i believe. i remember learning that once.

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Have him doing that for hours, with his entire body in tense pain, then you can talk about it being like giving birth.

I think she just meant the fact that the object going through the hole was bigger than the dang hole. Not that the pain was equivalent.

Why does everyone get so defensive about giving birth being compared to anything?

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#61 The only case I can think of that isn't by some form of choice is rape and with that there's a slim chance of being pregnant and if you are there's alway abortion

Also, the ****** is *surprise* made to expand to facilitate giving birth, the urethral tubes are not

At least it wasn't sharp like a kidney stone

funneh1 21

Kidney stones suck ass. I hate them with the passion.

jentrynicole 20

The balloon is way too wide for the ureter. At least kidney stones can be smaller. Although both suck.

I've had a 12mm kidney stone it got impacted and my kidney started going septic. I had a drain stint in for 3 weeks it ran from the tip of my dick all the way up into my right kidney and they went in thru existing holes. Wasn't fun when it got taken out at all

I don't have a penis but I can imagine the pain. I'm so sorry! :c

I can imagine the pain too. Not like a partially inflated balloon would feel good being yanked out of my urethra. Just makes my girl area cringe