Bullshit quack chiropractor on the loose!

By Paulie89 - 20/10/2019 12:00

Today, I told my family how my wrist has been hurting for almost a week. My aunt’s chiropractor boyfriend then decided he could help by suddenly pulling my hand as hard as he could. Not only did my wrist pop and cause me more pain, but my shoulder got dislocated. FML
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Chiropractors are licensed doctors whom go through a MINIMUM of 6 years of schooling with multiple board exams. They attain equivalent class hours as an MD in similar class types (minus pharmacology and plus spinal anatomy). Do some research my friend before stating your opinion as if it’s fact. Also, chiropractory isn’t a thing... the title is chiropractor, chiropractors, or doctor of chiropractic.


They could, but since they're not real doctors, they don't have real malpractice insurance. Any settlement you'd get would probably be free "adjustments" for life, or whatever they're calling their bullshit these days.

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I certainly hope he’s paying for the hospital and doctors bills!

Maybe you should ********** with your other Hand. Your aunt chiropractor boyfriend should pay the bill for your hospital visit. I’m not a chiropractor but I at least know not to pull on your wrist/arm.

There’s a reason why you need multiple X-rays before a chiropractor even touches you. This is the reason