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Today, my therapist told me, "I'm sorry, but I'm not qualified to handle your level of instability." FML
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And how does that make you feel?


I'm sorry, op. that therapist was probably just being a jerk.

kbtoyz69 9

ops like "Sit down, shut up, cuz i'm a caraazyyy!!!!" I'm not ready for your level of instability.

Not necessarily, 1. If that therapist truly isn't qualified, why waste OP's time, trust and money, rather than just admitting it? On that note many therapists can help in a search to find the next step in self-help.

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Therapists don't help for shit! Just saying from my own experience atleast.

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HA ironic that your therapist tells you youre instable, like he/she is any more sane than you are...

i thaught it said the rapist i thaught it was your rapist :/ i have school tomorrow its 12am

70- I'll take "The Rapist," for $1000 Trebeck.

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I agree with #1. Then again... Every therapist I've encountered is an asshole... Or seem like it 'cause they talk to you in a way that makes you want to slap them silly. Anyway, OP, don't let that get you down. I'm sure you're not that crazy c:

22 is right. Not all therapists have the exact same training. Hopefully, somebody out there can help OP. It's not helpful at all if an unqualified therapist tries to help a patient they are unable to help.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

It's a ****** bitch finding a good therapist. You absolutely have to be compatible with them personality-wise if you really want to get something done. Unfortunately, it's mostly a game of hit and miss, trial and error. That can take up a lot of time and resources. Perhaps the best way to find someone you might like is to be referred by someone you know who is satisfied with their experience. To those of you who need therapy - do all the research you possibly can, and do everything you possibly can to find a GOOD therapist before denouncing therapy all together. It is most definitely worth it, if you're working with the right person.

Or maybe he was qualified enough? Haha sucks for you, op.

The therapist most likely meant that OP would have to move on to a Psychiatrist for help.

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I'm srry MrMisfit but I've read all your other comments on this site and they have all been very stupid so please just delete your account. No need to thank me in the sudden realization I have just given you. Just send the money in the mail. Have a nice day! :D

Only half the comments have periods, and I'm lazy so go away

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Is that what YOU do for fun?

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And he gets the thumbs up, guess they have been stupid.

MrMisfit, I... I don't understand why you comment with such nonsense. The original commenter forgot their period. That's not a 'grammatical abortion' but you do seem to have verbal diarrhea.

I understood the period joke. It was kind of clever. What was an unneeded add-on was the 'gramatical abortion' line. That was my whole point (and everyone else's) to begin with.

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Op did you happen to say something like "I take the "THE" out of PSYCHOTHERAPIST!!!" ?????

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Use some originality and say "I switch the "PSYCHO" and "THE" in PSYCHOTHERAPIST"

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TheRapist would always ask me about my younger siblings

TheRapist always asks me about how the local preist is doing the next confession

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He also asks me if I'm wearing underwear

During confession he wanted to know about my recent sexual experiences. In Detail

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During my confession he asked me if I have ever partaken in gay sex and if so explain in detail along with illustrations

iDaniel525 8

TheRapist kindly asked me to take my speedo-jammers off.

TheRapist tells me i'm sexy and pats my butt. Every. *******. Day.

iDaniel525 8

TheRapist tells me that I shouldn't feel uncomfortable around him. That he's there to help. That he is there to make me feel better, and to let him he can understand me.

The_Troller 14

TheRapist always asks me if I'm a boy or a girl. Oh wait, that's professor Oak.

The_Troller 14

TheRapist told me th... Ahh **** it this is getting old.

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Ahhhhh, fun times. Right guys? Right?

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I can't wait to meet Scarecrow.

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Isn't "insane asylum" kind of redundant? I mean what other kind of asylum is there?

TheDrifter 23

Asylum is also the term used for sheltering refugees. Political refugees come to a country and ask for asylum. It doesn't mean they need to be committed, usually, thus the term "insane asylum".

GoW_Chick 14

You can also ask for asylum in some churches still so there are many different kinds of ways of using the word.

Could also ship him off to the funny farm or the looney bin

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And how does that make you feel?

are you Charles Manson crazy or something

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No OP is just Mel Gibson crazy.

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op thinks they are a pixie...

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You're so special the people with licenses can't help you! I think it's time for a sexy party!