By WIIslave - 14/12/2009 07:49 - United States

Today, I went to the doctor to get a pulled arm muscle checked. I told him I had been bowling, and it had just started to hurt badly. He said it was normal for a man of my age (35) to pull a muscle when lifting a ball of 12-15 pounds. I then told him it was on my son's Wii. FML
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That is pretty sad and one of the funniest things I've read today, you're not even that old. Hahaha.


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That is pretty sad and one of the funniest things I've read today, you're not even that old. Hahaha.

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That is pretty sad and one of the funniest things I've read today, you're not even that old. Hahaha.

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haha, i know right you have to watch out for those things, there very dangerous ;)

Repetitive motion damage is very easy with Wii Sports. Just make sure you do some stretches before playing.

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Don't forget those quad stretches.

Like #4 said. Repetetive motion, no matter what you're doing or lifting is going to break down some muscle fibers or even pull something eventually- especially if you are not moving in a correct range of motion.

Fake!! This was a joke in MAD magazine a few months ago!!

My thoughts exactly #15. Typical losers on places like FML and youtube calling stuff fake because their pathetic minds can't comprehend the fact that any given event can happen to more than 1 person or that anything is possible in life.

I think the only cure fir this boring fml would be for you to kill your children and commit suicide so that your weak genes don't pollute the human race. and maybe take ur wife out too for marrying such a pussy

I bet anyone it wasn't the wii, rather something else which gave him these injuries, if ya know what I mean.

think about it 27...what do men do with their wrists when they get bored involving a lot of repeated motion? you know, kind of around their middle sigh...

xxreikoxx 31

I'm going to find this impossible to believe,...unless you're really senile for your age. There's no way you can pull your muscle while playing the Wii unless you're drunk, high, or severely disabled, which I doubt. Half of my patients who are twice your age and are in wheelchairs can play the bowling game on the Wii and not pull a muscle, and they're between ages 60-90!

i'm only 26 and it happened to me. I played tennis on my brother's wii, but i guess the actual game isn't the point here.

I'm 24 and a marathon runner, I played Wii bowling and golf and was sore. I think it was the competitiveness of it that did it for me.. :P

And I would be 20 years old and have repetativly pulled shoulders playing wii boxing, though I never have while boxing normally. It happens. It's not like you are actually moving properly when on the Wii, you move muscles in ways you aren't supposed to.

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Nope, not arguing. I was just stating my opinion.

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I've hurt myself on the wii before. I sometimes get to into it and twist my body funny. Or pop something. One of these days I'm really gunna get hurt. Those lucky senile people go slow, the younger ones go fast and crazy

Hey! Don't make fun of the poor dude! I managed to hit myself in the head with a rockband guitar, and I was sitting calmly in a chair,and I wasn't drunk or high. My mom just insisted on us playing the country version.*shudders*