By Torbey - 14/09/2016 03:49 - Australia - Adelaide

Today, my younger brother complained yet again of soreness in his wrist. Frustrated with his constant whining, my mother turned to him and snapped, 'Well, what have you been using it for all this time then!?' The awkward silence of realisation for them both won't go away anytime soon. FML
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hes just been, uhm, lifting weights. yeah, thats it. especially on his right side.


Whack ouch! Whack ouch! Whack ouch! Kinky :P

Why is this down voted? I thought it was funny.

hes just been, uhm, lifting weights. yeah, thats it. especially on his right side.

at least send him to a doctor. he might actually have inflammation in his wrist...

if your wrist is inflamed you do not need a doctor. Just use an icepack, or ibuprofen.

Yeah, but you can't diagnose inflammation on yourself, the doctor's opinion could be helpful

Depends on what caused the inflammation. For example I have an inflamed ankle because I have a damaged tendon. Ice pack ain't going to solve that problem :p.

One arm will slowly morph into hulk - like proportions, it will be gloriously asymmetrical.

He will have one beefy arm like Trogdor.

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He's been trying hold up the ripped wall paper.

As the older sibling, you need to explain the virtues of switching hands and the magic of the overhand grip!

bullshit, he just needs to build up the muscles. something he is currently trying to do apparently...

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Unless OP is the kid's older sister. Then it'd be a little awkward.

Well OP is female. So yes, I would think she was his older sister.

Op sounds like it was FMyLife for all of you

Ahhhh the risks of masturbating is totally worth it