By Anonymous - United States - Buford

Thanks, Stephen King

Today, on Facebook, I mentioned that I'd just finished reading the novel Pet Sematary. Two hours later, I'd lost two friends and my boyfriend, after they commented "learn to spell, dumbass", "u illiterate fucker", and "well, I'm not dating you for your brains, am I?" I hate humanity. FML
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By  friedchickenpie  |  14

You completely deserve this.
It's semmitary. Learn to spell.

  jessi_sunshine  |  26

I completely agree that OP is better off without the three assholes. What's even sadder, however, is that each of the three was simply too stupid/lazy/judgmental to actually look up the book and figure out that Stephen King was just using his poetic license when titling it. Those illiterate fuckers.

  matega  |  18

I'd say that her life sucks because of her friends and they should be gotten rid of ASAP, but she totally deserved the one she got from her boyfriend for having this kind of retarded douchebag as a boyfriend.

By  friedchickenpie  |  14

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  keeper801  |  8

You're joking right?

  expertsmilee  |  26

You have to say that you're being sarcastic in your comments now, otherwise everyone will condemn you for being serious because they can't tell what sarcasm is without being told.

  babeababe  |  16

The problem with being able to tell if someone is sarcastic or not through text, is that there is not tone in text. People read it how they think they'd hear it. I could tell that #2 was being sarcastic. But I could see how some people couldn't. I guess sometimes it just comes down to how gullible you are.

  bamagrl410  |  31

Oh good lord, 9, 10 and 36 need to join society and learn that it's the proper spelling of a Stephen King novel.

  trivel64  |  16

But of course then people will get all defensive and say "Oh, sure, the 'I was being sarcastic' excuse! Like we haven't heard that one before!" Maybe it's better that we all just stop commenting, haha...


Well, I WAS joking. No need to continue the argument. I get that it can be hard to recognize sarcasm in text.

Tip: Read the words "really", "definitely", and "so" with heavy sarcasm.

  LetMeSee  |  4

As in graveyard it is spelled cemetery, but the novel and movie really is spelled Pet Sematary. Look it up. Oh, and go find a dictionary if you are going to criticize someone's spelling.

  Nerd_Face  |  2

I am not sure which I find funnier, your comment or the comments using sarcasm to call you "genius" when they obviously can't tell sarcasm from their left nu...uh leg. Either way, thanks for the laugh!

  hotrodsforall  |  1

You are the one that needs to learn to spell, it is actually spelled sematary. Next time, use google or a dictionary before you think that you are going to contradict a person and correct their spelling.

  legendxs  |  20

It IS "Pet Sematary" the name of the book... And it's speleed cemetery, not semmitary, so you learn to spell. Besides, the name of the book can be spelled wrong on purpose, if the author wants to.

  DanielleinDC  |  32

Hey, I liked the book, but I wouldn't call Stephen King "good literature".

At any rate, I know it's been a while since the book and movie based on it were released, but how can you not know the names of the better-selling Stephen King books. If they haven't blocked you, send them the Amazon listing for the book and tell them all to fuck off and die.

  valleyshooter  |  8

Hey 19, it would be correct to say you don't read well 16 do you? Rather then saying you don't listen. Because if you can here my smug-like voice lecturing you then that would be awkward.

  Ameel_fml  |  19

Even if she DID spell it wrong, how did she lose two friends and a boyfriend over it? They were either assholes to begin with, or there's more to this story...