Facebook drama

By fistycunt4 - 06/12/2014 20:22 - United States - Belmont

Today, I posted a picture of me without makeup on Facebook. A "friend" commented, "fuk me thts hideus!!" My dad replied, "Hideous, yes, just like your godawful spelling!" My mom yelled at my dad for agreeing with the guy, and they're still fighting. Meanwhile, my self-esteem is in the gutter. FML
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Your friend doesn't seem like a very good friend.

That's when you defriend both of them, but take it as a grain of salt op. Opinions of idiots aren't valid, especially if they spell like that.


Your friend doesn't seem like a very good friend.

That's why it was put in quotes

At least OP's mom's got her

SkyGuy32 17

#42, it might not even be just a Facebook friend. I have many real life "friends". Friends that just use you, feel like they are better than you, exclude you, and talk about you behind your back, but still act like a friend of yours when you are with them. Fuckin hate it, and it makes it difficult to actually know who my friends are.

Your dad has a good sense of humor haha

That's when you defriend both of them, but take it as a grain of salt op. Opinions of idiots aren't valid, especially if they spell like that.

I don't think it's the idiots opinion that caused her issue

Oh the dad falls into the idiot category he's just a bit more witty.

shivamtrivedi 24

OP, you're beautiful and unique in your own way. Don't let anyone tell you or make you believe otherwise. ?

Why is there a question mark? Edit: I'm guessing it was supposed to be a smiley?

yeah it was an emoji, fml doesn't allow them

Oyas12 14

oh, you mean like this?

This is why Facebook asks if you want that person to be a friend. Be careful. I'm sure you're beautiful. Personally, no makeup is the BEST makeup. :)

That's like saying the best food is no food, the best sex is no sex... the best pancakes are no pancakes... you get my point... It's not makeup if you're not wearing it.

chill. he's just trying to say that the no make up look is beautiful and natural.

not everyone looks good without makeup...


But they do look better

A lot of make-up can be used in the no make-up look. Just sayin'.

#20 your picture reminds me of that doctor who episode where gas masks grow on people's faces and they ask "Are you my mummy"

Omg, #28, yes, win! xD big Dr. Who fan here xD

let the downvotes commence. allon-zy! GERONIMO!!!

Oyas12 14

#20 *twitches* Doctor!!! Never "Dr." GOD.

OP screw what anyone else thinks the only thing that matters is what you think of yourself.

If your own Dad agrees, then it's safe to assume you look like shit.

littleteapot 21

I don't think her dad was agreeing with the "friend" He's just really horrible with comebacks.

I don't think the dad was actually agreeing that Op looked hideous. He was just trying to make a point that the "friend's" spelling was atrocious. I think he was actually trying to stand up for his daughter and tell the friend that he's an idiot, although he could've maybe said it better.

At least mom has your back, right? Oh, and I have learned to ignore the opinions of those that either don't know or don't bother to spell like a normal human being.

the mom agreed with the guy...

#14 I think you should read the fml again.

This may be downvoted to hell but you think because someone's not good at spelling, his opinions should be completely disregarded and he possesses no real thoughts? Nice thinking there... I think the only opinion we should be disregarding here is yours.

Yes, I'm pretty sure it's impression. If I started 'tipyng lik htis u probly wood cair les abuot whut I haf too sai' whereas if I just type like this it would probably have more of an effect because you have to impression that I know how to type

31 a grammar or spelling error here and there is ok we all do it. If you type like an uneducated idiot though well no one has any respect for your opinion simple especially when using the same amount of letters but intentionally spelling it wrong.

I wouldn't worry about it OP, people react that way to no make up selfies because that's the only way they know how. In most cases make up makes people look more attractive so when you go the other way people don't know what to say. I'm sure it was intended as a joke.

Personally, I prefer to see people without. A lot of my friends I've actually seen without makeup and think they look a lot better without than with. They never listen to me when I say it looks nicer, especially they they colour in their eyebrows and make them really thick when their natural eyebrows are quite nice.

I actually agree with #11. And it's kind of insulting to hear that you look better without makeup when you genuinely enjoy wearing it - it's like drawing something you love and people saying they liked the blank canvas more. Even if the blank canvas was pretty, if someone puts effort into their creation, it's not fun to hear how inferior it is. I know the intent is usually good, it just doesn't always come off that way. "You look great both with AND without makeup" is a lot nicer. :)

The fact that you let something like Facebook dictate your self esteem or self worth is your problem, not your "friends." Sounds like you were looking for SOME type of attention in the first place.