By smarter than a mollusk, skinner than a hippo - 10/11/2010 17:33 - United States

Today, a girl who has had a problem with me for as long as I can remember, tagged me in a Facebook status update in which she equated my intelligence to that of a mollusk and equated my weight to that of a hippopotamus. My boyfriend, as well as several of my "friends," liked it. FML
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But hippos are awesome. Be happy. Also if you are a hippo, then kill her as the mindless killing machine that you are.

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Tell the bitch to suck a chode and stop hating on Squidward.


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op may not be fat, the girl that posed the status just might be skinnier than she is, so she considers op to be fat

Make yourself a sammich to get even.

No one comparable to a hippopotamus is in perfect shape.

hippos are beautiful creatures in their own way. there are nothing wrong with hippopotami at all. =] besides OP, she's probably just jealous of you and finds the tiniest things to make into overexagerations.

haha, you say on your prof your "cool, outgoing, loving" ha realllly sound it calling someone on the internet you've never met fat....anyway she may be fat but your not exactly a looker are you...

1st off learn how to write. If you're going to offend someone, do it correctly. Its fatso not fat so. You're ugly, look dirty, & are buck toothed. Holla! BTW positive the hair is fake. Raspberry!

mintcar 9

75, you need 2fckn calm down.

As if you could make me! Buahahahahahahahahaha!

Also you have ugly puffy eyes. Blow fish status...

Brannie 4

why do you even have her as a friend then?

Agree. That is some of the dumbest shit I ever heard. It's called delete, YDI.

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I bet Ms Hippo doesn't wear a wig or look like a pin cushion, so I'm thinking she wins!

Wow #1, you just got shot down. Many times. Ouch. =P

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your a fucking bitch ya know that? no one loves a bully

#1- just read your profile. FYL for being: a cool, outgoing, loving, down to earth................. nothing.. Way to leave us all hanging..

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I love the fact that the seventy-fifth commenter corrected the first commenter's grammar when he doesn't know the difference between "Its" and "It's." Oh, he also failed in making his sentence parallel, which is also an error. That's pretty ironic.

mintcar 9

91, you fail so hard. You should also work on your insults. " Blowfish status" really isn't doing it for me.

Motha fucka I put that damn apostrophe there! damn you auto correct!

Also the insult came before Blowfish Status, that just echoed my feelings...

mintcar 9

2fknannoying, go away already.

you should be the last person to be prejudice against someone, "nigga"

Shut up big eyed freak.

#1 ...*tumbleweed rolls by; crickets chirp; a horse farts and a door to an empty saloon creaks as its rustled by the wind* your insult is just a retarded as mine.

#128 You put a quotation mark after a period. That's not correct in that specific sentence. :) Since you were pointing out all of their flaws, I figured I'd point out yours.

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Tell the bitch to suck a chode and stop hating on Squidward.

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I love Squidward. Win Spongebob reference.

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squids arnt mollusks....

mintcar 9

Squids are in the same Phylum as Mollusca. They're part of the Class Cephalopoda. So yes, squids are mollusks.

22 You couldn't be more wrong. OP, mollusks are actually quite intelligent if you didn't know..

mintcar 9

Yes, especially the octopus. I'm not too sure about the snails though. Lol.

I guess I should have said mollusks 'can' be quite intelligent. Whoops

132 you're trying too hard.

128 you used too much spacing...

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134 & 135 You're too annoying..

But hippos are awesome. Be happy. Also if you are a hippo, then kill her as the mindless killing machine that you are.

Wait, i meant godless killing machine.

Disclaimer: I am completely joking and not actually suggesting that OP kill another human being. I claim no responsibility for any hacked up bodies recovered from OP's freezer.


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lol , id pay 10cents

OP misspelled "skinnier" so.....

I noticed that too perhaps she isn't smarter than a mollusk after all.

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Her username

Yup, must be misspelled, because it couldn't possibly be a typo.

greenalleycat 4

I enjoy that the OP spelt "skinnier" wrong thereby giving evidence towards the accusation of being stupider than a mollusk.

RedPillSucks 31

*more stupid than*

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where does it say skinnier

the op's name

Clearly you aren't intelligent enough yourself to understand the difference between a typo and someone who actually doesn't know how a word is spelled. Do you really think that she thinks 'skinnier' is spelled 'skinner'?

101 for the win. Typos are dirty sluts.

A username can only be so long, she might have to shorten some words. Use some common sense, please.

LOL at your username OP.

u should fart in a ziplock bag & mail it to them

Are you 10?

yrs old or inches? This is not the time or place to be hitting on Gary Busey. Good Evening ma'am

jwbbabe 9

Gary busey is hurt .

Gary Busey is never hurt!!! He's strong as titanium, ladies

neuroticallyours 0

Oh Gary Busey isn't even Gary Busey, just some pathetic shlub with nothing better to do than impersonate crazy actors and comment on FML's. So yes who ever it is is probably ten... or at least emotionally.

neuroticallyours 0

Oh please. No one in their right mind would be hitting on some pathetic schmuck pretending to be Gary Busey. Who even does that?! I mean if you're going to impersonate someone, pick someone halfway worthwhile. Based on that I bet he is ten. Well, emotionally at least.

neuroticallyours 0

Stupid website. Telling me it didn't post my comment when it did.

I thought it was funny...

Win for referring to yourself in 3rd person.

83. too bad you can't delete one.. you should be embarrassed..

I thought it was funny, everyone on FML's is so aggressive

Boyfriend? Friends? Sure.

if this is really you in this picture, you need help.

Its not me it's my BEAUTIFUL Andy Sixx. &He doesn't need help,he's perfectly fine:]

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I was thinking the same

Wow, that sucks. If you actually are hippo-sized, you should sit on them. That would be funny.

I agree with #10, that would be really funny.

If she's so terrible, why did you add her as a friend on facebook?

that makes sense lol

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don't people receive a notification for being tagged in something whether they added them or not?