By smarter than a mollusk, skinner than a hippo - United States
Today, a girl who has had a problem with me for as long as I can remember, tagged me in a Facebook status update in which she equated my intelligence to that of a mollusk and equated my weight to that of a hippopotamus. My boyfriend, as well as several of my "friends," liked it. FML
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  calililly93  |  0

hippos are beautiful creatures in their own way. there are nothing wrong with hippopotami at all. =] besides OP, she's probably just jealous of you and finds the tiniest things to make into overexagerations.

  perfect_jenny  |  0

haha, you say on your prof your "cool, outgoing, loving" ha realllly sound it calling someone on the internet you've never met fat....anyway she may be fat but your not exactly a looker are you...

  2fknreaL  |  0

1st off learn how to write. If you're going to offend someone, do it correctly. Its fatso not fat so. You're ugly, look dirty, & are buck toothed. Holla! BTW positive the hair is fake. Raspberry!

  omfgrofl1337  |  0

I love the fact that the seventy-fifth commenter corrected the first commenter's grammar when he doesn't know the difference between "Its" and "It's." Oh, he also failed in making his sentence parallel, which is also an error. That's pretty ironic.

  jstone89  |  13

#128 You put a quotation mark after a period. That's not correct in that specific sentence. :) Since you were pointing out all of their flaws, I figured I'd point out yours.

  tencentsakiss  |  19

Disclaimer: I am completely joking and not actually suggesting that OP kill another human being. I claim no responsibility for any hacked up bodies recovered from OP's freezer.

  8trickster8  |  0

Clearly you aren't intelligent enough yourself to understand the difference between a typo and someone who actually doesn't know how a word is spelled. Do you really think that she thinks 'skinnier' is spelled 'skinner'?


Oh Gary Busey isn't even Gary Busey, just some pathetic shlub with nothing better to do than impersonate crazy actors and comment on FML's. So yes who ever it is is probably ten... or at least emotionally.


Oh please. No one in their right mind would be hitting on some pathetic schmuck pretending to be Gary Busey. Who even does that?! I mean if you're going to impersonate someone, pick someone halfway worthwhile. Based on that I bet he is ten. Well, emotionally at least.