By dana - 16/12/2013 22:43 - United States - Montrose

Today, my boyfriend dumped me via Facebook. I cared more about the spelling mistakes he made than the actual message. FML
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So everyone's happy then? Yay~

No love lost, no love found.


Well it's slightly more personal than a text!

How so? Both seem the same to me.

It really depends on if it was a private message, or a wall post. Really I'm picturing a wall post where everyone can see it, and she's over there correcting his grammar in the comment section.

skyttlz 32

I agree they both seem the same. I would say a text is just a little more personal than a Facebook message.

your inner Grammar Nazi can never be stopped

So everyone's happy then? Yay~

thejewishfuhrer 17

The grammar gods are infuriated, but I guess no one takes them into consideration when breaking up via Facebook. How rude.

And so the people created the spell check to appease the grammar gods but when the people ignored there own creation the fury of the grammar gods grew even greater

nnnope 26


I defy the grammar gods!

He must have been a keeper!

Actually not, clearly.

Obviously #39.. Can't spell, and does it on Facebook like a punk

jazzy_123 20

keeper? if his spelling and grammar were that bad I can only imagine the things that come out of his mouth!

Well clearly he wasn't a....dictionary keeper! Sorry, I'll leave now...

Or a bee-keeper!

jazzy_123 20

71, you should have left when you said you were... lol.

That's just low of him, he looks like a fool!

No love lost, no love found.

Can't agree more you obviously didn't care about the relationship to protest the breakup so you guys must have run your course.

Wow, no education and a jerk. Be glad he's gone.

Spelling mistake = no education. Alright then.

so won speling mstak = no educashun? That mks no sensz.

Good. He is not worth the emotions nor the tears if he's low enough and cowardly enough to dump you on Facebook.

Who says she is sad?

Coward enough.

I'm saying that it's good she isn't sad.

What sort of bizarro transference syndrome are you afflicted with? There were no emotions. OP was too punctiliously self absorbed to care about the message and deserves the alone time.

Grammar Nazi level: Epic!

ThatFancyPenn 18

Agreed. I would never date someone that had bad grammar/spelling. Just my OCD really.

I used to say that, too.

At least we've figured out why the relationship went bad! It ain't easy being illiterate.

He probably dump you because you a grammar nazi.

*you're a WE ARE OVER!

Dumped* ... While we're at it...

There is more to grammar than you, your and you're. Dumped* Pluss I belive it might have been on purpose.

47- Plus* Let's keep this going gys!

It's no wonder you're sore at us Grammar Nazis, 10.