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Today, my psycho abstinence-only sex ed teacher claimed condoms give 50% protection at most against pregnancy. I couldn't help but correct her. She apologized for her "mistake", saying, "It's just that we're not ALL sluts, Kara." Now everyone thinks I'm a raging whore. FML
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Wow. Report her. Not only is she teaching incorrect information, but she's calling a student a ****. Get her a$$ fired!

chelsearenaeee 16

Your teacher sounds like a 40 year old ignorant virgin.


Wow. Report her. Not only is she teaching incorrect information, but she's calling a student a ****. Get her a$$ fired!

wlddog 14

Sounds like someone needs to get laid. Maybe use a condom and see if it breaks.

I also believe Op could sue for defamation of character..

ElementaryEdGuy 18

Plus, she's probably sleeping with students. I learned that from Mean Girls.

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Sue happy idiots are hilarious. Also by the amount of times I've heard "we used a condom We dunno what happened." Condoms seem to have a 10% success rate. Side note if the teachers know you're a **** I'm pretty sure everyone else thought you were a **** long before that class.

I'm thinking Op got lucky not having this teacher for Driver's Ed with her logic. Teacher: "Remember kids, the only way to not die in a car accident is to Never drive your car." Op: "Well, you could drive responsibily and wear your seat belt." Teacher : "You're absolutely right, you could, but we're not all crazy, motorhead bitches like you, Kara." :p She does sound a little narrow minded. :P

Get that bitch fired and sue her for defamation !

19 people like her shouldn't have sex because if she does and she uses a condom then there is a 50% chance that she can get pregnant and people like her shouldn't procreate.

bamagrl410 31

110 - exactly what I was thinking. Please, 19, don't encourage stupid people to breed.

asnakelovinbabe 16

I think that a good prerequisite for becoming a "Sex Ed" teacher should be that you have actually been sexually active at in least some point in your life. Would you want to take guitar lessons from someone who has never held a guitar?

Misskayfoyer 14

110- Agreed, those odds are too high. Who knows how many narrow minded spawn she might produce.

I'm all about teaching high school students that abstinence is the best contraception, and even I think this crazy bitch should be fired and never be allowed to teach again.

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^"50% effective AT MOST" she said, not if it's used incorrectly. What you're telling us does sound like a farfetched coincidence, but I'd have to guess your family probably isn't using condoms correctly.

128 - Maybe your family and friends should stop using broken or out-of-date condoms.

Aannd we know your name now, Kara the Anonymos.

113, there's a difference between abstinence (not having sex before marriage) and celibacy (not having sex at all). For all we know, the teacher's married and therefore sexually active. Besides, whether a school teaches about contraception or not is usually decided by the school administration, the the individual teacher.

Toasty283 8

Only two people in my family have gotten pregnant using a condom. Don't put this on my family, my aunt is very strict about safe sex and my mom buys a new box every week. I know, tmi , but I know a lot of people who aren't related to me who used a condom and still got pregnant. I have to use the pull-out method due to the fact that every time my boyfriend and I spice things up, the condom breaks. We tried getting a condom that's one size larger than him to see if that prevented it from breaking, and we've experimented with different brands. I'm not ready for a child right now and we try to be safe, but the condom breaks half of the time and we have come to the point where we're tired of wasting money on a piece of rubber that not only feels like shit, but breaks every time we try to enjoy our time alone. I'd say the pull-out method has prevented me from getting pregnant for the past 3 years and I have had more pregnancy scares thanks to condoms breaking. And they are not out of date. I don't even have condoms on me, I have always bought a new box when we use them. And I know I'm not using them incorrectly. I have had other sex partners and we have always had the same issue.

166 - if you're not ready to get pregnant I REALLY hope you're doing more than just using the pull out method. It's about 70-75% effective, it's amazing you haven't gotten pregnant yet. Please use another type of birth control as well!

Sex Ed isn't teaching people how to have sex like how a guitar class teaches people to play guitar, though. But I get what you're saying lol

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You're 18 so of course you'd be naive about it but how do you really know if the guys are pulling out? A lot of guys don't pullout because they know that the girls won't know the difference if they pullout right after they cum

128: You agree that condoms work 50% of the time? Statistics are based in evidence, repeated trials. They are not opinions. Your anecdotes don't make a dent in statistical averages. I know a couple who got pregnant while on the pill and using condoms, but I still advocate using birth control. Do yourself a favor and get on the pill (or another method) if you aren't ready for a baby but won't use condoms. Blaming condoms won't get you anywhere; there are plenty of other contraceptives out there.

BellaBelle_fml 23

173 - You must have had the same Sex Ed teacher as the OP, there are condoms designed for the female to wear as well. Although, I don't think that she was talking about those, but rather the more common condoms designed for men.

Your parents probably should have used one. And just so you know, there are condoms for females Sorry, didn't see the comment above mine..

If you want to get people fired for something like this, you are a very, very sad person.

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They have female condoms to. Imagine two O- rings stretched out, with platic covering the sides and one side completely closed off, or google "female condom"

jodakast 3

113 - I thought we were trying to encourage abstinence not sexual revolution in schools :-)

@119 Unfortunately, teens often have sex if you want them to or not. That's why you need to teach them how to be safe as best as possible. Nothing wrong with encouraging abstinence though, don't mean they'll listen. Personally, I don't teens should be having sex because most teens aren't responsible enough to have sex, they aren't always safe about it either even when you teach them everything you can.

Either your family isn't using condoms correctly, or they're covering up being stupid and not using a condom by sayin they used one when they turn up pregnant. "But I can't be pregnant! I used a condom!"

#192, the teacher is misleading students in matters of health, and spreading reputation ruining lies about a student who actually gives a damn about accuracy. The teacher isn't paid to manipulate but to inform. If someone is not doing their job, that's is a pretty obviously good reason to fire them.

193-pull out method forgets that there is pre-cum which can still get you pregnant. condoms too big or too small will leak and break is it possible that they are breaking because the size is wrong?? Maybe try an IUD of you can't take the pill just to be on the safe side.

After getting her fired, maybe you should request the school hire swine to teach sex Ed that's actually had sex before

Actually, in some states sex-Ed doesn't even have too be medically accurate. It's such a stupid ******* law

So what did she suggest? Wear three condoms coated in spermicide?

No... She's suggesting to not have sex at all

Whoops, my tired eyes somehow slipped over the word "abstinence."

Ill let you off easy this time, don't let it happen again

Condoms actually break easier when you wear more than one because of the friction.

#99 I saw you had a dislike. I wonder how, since it is true...

106-Someone's condom broke and thumbed 99 down out of spite.

Toasty283 8

How unprofessional. I truly feel sorry for you, OP. Hopefully your teacher doesn't use that language with you on a regular basis.

insertnameherr 11

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Soooooooooooooo...does that mean everyone who has knowledge of something sexual is a ****? Because that's completely ridiculous.

insertnameherr 11

I'm not saying that it's true, but if a peer said that to her, it wouldn't be as terrible as someone older calling her one. If a peer called her a ****, however, it would still be completely out of line.

chelsearenaeee 16

Your teacher sounds like a 40 year old ignorant virgin.

You got that right, they're all *****.

Hey! I'm a ****. He's a ****. She's a ****. We're all *****, hey!

Mister_Triangle 21

I'd be a **** if I could. But it's a difficult career path for a man to follow.

We've all got aids! Aids Aids AIDS! Best song ever XD

it's okay, FML is a world renowned **** support group

You really need to file a complaint about that bitch. What an awesome role model for sex ed!

That's the least fanciest idea I've ever read.

Yeah thats a good way to get suspended. So then she would be a **** AND a juvenile delinquent. Good advice.

Anyone one else think of OP's teacher South Park style? The crazy eyes? The voices? No?

stephhrunsaway 21

Ms. Chokesondick! And yes, I did lol