By LoveUGuysToo - 5/8/2020 14:03

Where did everyone go?

Today, I wrote a Facebook post venting about the horrible things I've been going through lately, hoping my friends would console me. I discovered that my English teacher from 30 years ago, the creepy dude who keeps asking me out, and some random chick I don't even know are my only "friends." FML
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By  Blimix  |  6

It might be Facebook's doing, not your friends. Facebook's filtering algorithms make some things show up in people's "top posts" feed, and they bury some things. Key words such as "excited," that make a post sound positive, are more likely to show up. Key words that make a post sound negative are likely to be buried. Facebook will also show or bury posts based on whether a small test audience interacts with it in positive ways, such as commenting or pressing "like" or "love". It is also more likely to show posts to people who have viewed your other posts, thereby creating a small, artificial and unwanted "bubble" of your friends (including the creep) who can consistently see what you write.

You can force Facebook to stay in Chronological mode for yourself by using the FBPurity extension in a browser (and not using the Facebook app, which is spyware). That will stop Facebook from filtering out some of your friends' posts. But it won't do anything to help your friends see your posts, unless they start using it too.