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Today, I learned that "eating someone out" didn't actually involve food. FML
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Fuzzygraywolf 0

a wee bit behind on the learning curve are we? lol


this is way more than fail..OP must be home schooled..and if they are I wouldn't be surprised if this is my best friend who posted this..she has asked me the following questions: "whats a blow job? what's eating out? what's cum? what's an orgasm? what's semen? what's sperm? what's masturbation? what's circumcision? what's Hanukkah? what's 69? what's communism? are there other numbers like 69, like 72?"

JacksonCampbell 9

Herp derp.

Is OP aware that "spit or swallow" does not have anything to do with toothpaste?

hotscar 3

34, what is wrong with you??

It can involve food. Tastes better that way.

...why are 12 year olds on fml...? go back to playing with your barbies. and no, I'm not acting as though you're younger than you really are, I played with barbies when I was 12! D:

sweetcheeksjvl 0

"eating someone out" has a slurp smack sound to it and no it's not cannibalism.

23 There were only two questions on your list that should be considered somewhat problematic if asked. I don't understand why the OP sees this as a(n) FML. In fact, I find it disturbing that this is supposed to be common knowledge and that an individual is seen as stupid for not knowing this.

well, maybe your friend feels confident in asking you those questions. not everyone can talk to their parents, or they might be shy.

I hope OP knows that a blow job isn't actually when you blow air on the dick

what does it mean then?

sensoon15 7

guessing OP never ate anyone out. :/ unless you're a girl. than probably never got eaten out

swimchica22 0

pretty much....

@23 you had to have learned it somewhere and this is how she learned.

problem is though she was almost 17 when she asked

Might I suggest Urban Dictionary?

sxe_beast 11

Anilingus anyone?

i13Zero 5

Says the girl who looks like a guy.

jessie96xoxo 0

Haha niiice one, :P

fightin4fun 0

LMAO that's sad... how old are you? i was hanging with a friend of mine and one of her friends sent her a text asking if you could get pregnant from swallowing! how are some people so stupid!?

what is it actually

google images ftw

23- you are my hero. xD

"what's Hanukkah?" #23 That's the one that made me go "Really?", out of all of them.

Got_any_grapes1 4

#23, sweety, I don't think Hannukah has anything to do with any of those things. But honestly, where do you live where people don't know what Hannukah is? Dipshits.

it's okay, my best friend honestly thought 69 was "some kind of drug or something" but that's the same friend who will look up on the ceiling if you tell her the word gullible is written up there. every time.

terranada 3

It's called urban dictionary people!!!

305: ew, you're such a bitch. there are many people from other countries who don't know what Hanukkah us. not everyone is Jewish.

Got_any_grapes1 4

377: I am sorry not everyone is as perfect as you. Can someone please explain to me what Christmas is???? That sounds stupid to you, right? Well... Hannukah is just as important as Christmas. C U Next Tuesday.

1. what does being perfect have anything to do with disagreeing with your assumption of everyone knowing what Hanukkah is. you can't even spell Hanukkah correctly. 2. you might think it's stupid to ask such questions but some people might not know what Christmas is. it's a Christian holiday and there are countries like china in which Christianity is forbidden. stop being an ignorant bitch just because you're from a country where Christmas and hanukkah are major holidays. 3. thinking Hanukkah is just as important as Christmas is an opinion. I personally don't think it is since I don't celebrate it. 4. that was the corniest comment ever. sorry but I do not wish to see you next Tuesday.

jdav584 0

calm the hell down

There is no correct English spelling of Hanukkah, since it is a Hebrew word.

rainergeis 0

Look it up on urbandictionary.com but don't if you are under 12. Which is what I'm sensing here.

egmvu 4


Danads 2

Your dads condom was a fail

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swimchica22 0

why is everybody thumbing down this? I realize I'm going to get a lot of thumbs down also but seriously?! they said basically the same thing as the first person!

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do you have to copy almost every comment from the first thread? :/

ADub55 0

and now u fail

IHeartJimi02 0

I agree. If op does not know what eating out is then they are probably too young to do it.

AlwaySunny 0

walks in the room "Hey babe, I stopped at Walmart on the way over and picked up some apples, let's do this!"

228- everyone is rushing for the first comment when a new FML is posted. 2 could of just posted their comment just after #1.

^There's no such thing as 'could of' ..

Fuzzygraywolf 0

a wee bit behind on the learning curve are we? lol

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I guess sarcasm is a lost art.

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AA357 0

for some reason I feel like the girls are probably 8 or 9

sassypants93 17

I don't think being British has anything to do with understanding sarcasm.

Did you learn this in the only awkward way possible?

249, My post was another example of British sarcasm. Sorry, but you walked right into it. Guess it was true all along.

sarcasm does sound more cutting with an english accent

Haha XD

Wow, people really hate you. I'm just gonna sit here and laugh, kay?

Michele2luv 8

look at the gangsta kitty ^_^

it seems like we have a rapist in kitteh park

Wait, (sarcastically) so what does it mean then??

I hope you're not old enough to legally have sex!

That doesnt make sense....

AlEX928 0

I think 6 means that hopefully OP is young enough to just have found out the meaning and not someone of legal age who should know by now.

61- I love Panic! At The Disco! :D

74, they're referring to the age of consent.

ahhhh i love them more!!!!!

114- I know :P they're awesome

love fingers great pic

148, being a legal adult is not the age of consent. Correct me if I'm wrong but it's different I'm different areas and in some it's as low as 14-15.

dotDotMyCurve 0

is there actual a legal age to start having sex? wtf?

202- So..... Congrats on losing your virginity.

jewknowit710 2

wait... what does it mean then I think I've been doing it wrong too then.. xP

wow I know your just trying to be funny dude but you sound like a total moron...just saying

jewknowit710 2

aawwww well if you don't approve dislike my comment and move on lol you don't need to share my humor, I'm just saying the first thing that came to me.

if your jewish dont make a fucking idiot of yourself you sound retarted. you and judge judy are probably the most hated jews. so dont make a fool out of us

That's my picture bish.

steelersfan3250 0

it basically giving ur girlfriend a b j

so do u admit that you were just trying to be funny? I for one just think that's hilarious... not :)

jewknowit710 2

haha guess what your still getting thumb down... and your still speaking.. just stop

and look who got more thumbs up

yes, unfortunately for prehistoric cannibals.

your picture mixed with your comment made me lol :)

Whipped cream, maybe even chocolate syrup ;)

Actually, you are technically eating a fish taco.

^^ My sentiments exactly.

m0rgana 0

your hot #63

I just pikes in my mouth when you said that

itsgen 16


87 your fail spelling was so funny "I just pikes in my mouth when I read this".

Oh my gosh! The fact that your profile picture is a cat made this all the more HILARIOUS! :)

kaelyn_p 0

#10, win