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By Anonymous - 16/05/2015 02:52 - United States - Rockwall

Today, I had to slowly explain to my brother that spooning has nothing to do with using a spoon to clean out a woman's vagina after sex. FML
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Better now then later...or else his girlfriend would be really disappointed.

Where would he have even gotten the idea that that's what it was?


No, it's using a spoon as a *****. Up the butt. Duh.

Why don't you just go ahead and sit the next couple out.

I think she was joking, being ironic.

Nah he was using it to felch with class, not as a *****

i think its time you also told him that baby sitters aren't people that sit on babies

if I where you, I would at least clarify that you were being sarcastic.

I've been on the internet long enough to know that people who are experienced with online chatting can tell sarcasm just like in a face to face conversation. And having to clarify that takes the fun outta it XD

@80 There was not an incorrect use of language in #3's comment. Punctuation, sure, but his/her comment is grammatically correct. #3 probably got down voted because people on this app seem to enjoy it.

Better now then later...or else his girlfriend would be really disappointed.

i dont know if a spoon would.. uhm... cause pleasure

Now THEN later? Why not just now or later?.. or never

36 - it would if you used it correctly? hahaha

sonasonic 34

I don't think it'll be effective birth control though.....

Where would he have even gotten the idea that that's what it was?

Yeah, everyone knows you actually use a spork to clean it, not a spoon

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The internet's a beautiful place, isnt it?

5 - his imagination. if he heard the word when talking about being in bed with someone, a horny teenager could assume a spoon was being used sexually

He's from Texas, they do things differently down there.

At least he cares enough to clean it afterwords I guess? Maybe use wet wipes or something though- I doubt a stainless steel spoon would be an efficient tool of vaginal cleaning. But what do I know

Probably not much since I'm sure you've never been laid.

#21 that's not very nice, #6 could be a stud. Yes, it is good that he's thinking about helping with the clean up process (some people don't and would rather care only about themselves) but he's very misinformed. Spoons can have what would seem like sharp edges so it'd cause more hassle than its worth, and it'd be very weird to try and do.

I was making a joke lol, and i was thinking of it in the sense of actually scraping around and scooping it up. But damn I guess that was a really shitty joke according to everyone

I can't believe 41 ******* morons downvoted me because they thought I was serious. A ******* SPOON, really. I thought sarcasm was something this site was catered to but you dipshits couldn't read it and comprehend it enough. I even said "I guess?" At the end to add emphasis to my sarcasm. ******* retards- the lot of you. (Go ahead and downvote, rant is over)

Someone who calls themselves Travinator is not a stud, watched too much American Pie there kid.

#88 Tbh I've never seen that movie before, and I can't believe I just got insulted by the literal living definition of butterface. Holy shit.

You look like that Asian guy from the hangover- if he gained a lot of weight and then deprived himself of sleep for a month

chocolatefrog28 29

Spooner or ladle, he was going to have to learn. What the fork are they teaching in sex ed these days?

Meh, sometimes you just have to take the plunge and risk being wrong. ... What do you mean plunger isn't a silverware pun? Nobody else eats cereal from their plunger?

#43: Fail x 1000 You can sob the pain away now.

#7 im sure OP's brother missed all the sex ed glasses in school.

Better now than later....or else his girlfriend would be really disappointed...

DrarryisCannon 3

Is he speaking from experience....??