By lissysue1 - 12/07/2012 19:23 - United States - Green Bay

Today, while making out with my boyfriend, I realized he was opening his mouth wide a lot. At first, I thought he was trying to French-kiss me. He was actually yawning through the whole thing. FML
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Could be worse. My first kiss involved the girl trying to shove her tongue as far into my mouth as she could.


flutter4 7

Hopefully he doesn't think you are boring but damn, that just ruins the mood.

sailorzoe 14

Maybe he wanted to raptor kiss you.

I love it when you yawn at me baby, oh yeah just like that.

dougiewhale 6

Stop kissing him and let him get some damn sleep already.

rallets 22

raptor kiss just wanted to say it too

He is just trying to give you some literal head

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You guys all just wanted to say raptor kiss. I just did too. :]

Guys. Stop saying that, it's really immature. ...Raptor kiss...

Uhh Mods, it's actually "through", not "threw". Fix pls?

Think of it as a proper noun? "... actually, Yawning threw the whole thing." OP just didn't finish the rest of the FML

Could be worse. My first kiss involved the girl trying to shove her tongue as far into my mouth as she could.

flutter4 7

Everyone has to learn somehow :)

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I thought making out was or involved "French kissing" wtf

Guilty! The first time I kissed a boy, I did that. I really thought that was what I needed to do. His gagging is the only reason I learned,-- Nope, that's not right. :P

17: it does, it's not officially making out until you French someone.

Trix_Disorder 20

The first guy I kissed did that to me, too. Was terrified of kissing after that, for a good while.

One time I tried kissing a girl on the cheek...I missed. Needless to say I was embarassed as ****

TheDrifter 23

I never French kiss. I start at the collar bone and work straight into the Aussie kiss. I haven't had any complaints.

shadexilmaendu 4

Same here, slobbery and choking me with his tongue. That was back in middle school, 8h grade I think. Needless to say I was wary of French kissing after that, just praying that all people didn't kiss that way xD

MrBrightside21 20

Guess who has never been kissed by a female? This guy. :(

obviousboy 8

You've been kissed by dudes?

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MrBrightside21 20

No, I have not been kissed by my mom. Or "dudes." I guess the dudes, my mother, and females were just jealous of my outstanding sexiness. It's a rough life being a sexy beast. It really is.

It's a long life my'll get some loving, don't worry

Find that hard to believe Mr Brightside !

I bet the girls can't get enough of you & your just being modest...

106: If your profile is accurate, Mr KillersSong, then you're still only 16. Haven't been kissed yet? Relax! That's pretty common, no matter what TV tells ya, so don't fret about it. If the situation hasn't changed ten years from now, then you can fret.

MrBrightside21 20

145 - Haha thank you for the encouragement, Mace Windu from Starwars 2/ Nick Fury/ that one guy from Pulp Fiction. I was listening to depressing music, resulting in me feeling bad for myself, resulting in me posting a comment with a frowny-face. :(

149: I was 16 once. It was shit. Wouldn't wish it on anybody. Good luck out there, bro.

My first kissed leaned in and hit me so hard in the nose with his face I started bleeding. lol:)

I love your comments. For that, I would kiss you!

MeLikesDigBicks 5

Yawn too, that makes it even more romantic.

Well it's high time for you to find ways to change your routine.

Yeah, that's totally what he meant. Great job on your comprehension.

eatthemcows 4

Don't take it personally. Everyone has an uncontrollable yawn every so often.

It made me yawn and so did reading these comments. I now need a power nap, thanks guys!

Actually heres a study that shows seeing someone yawn or even reading about it makes you yawn. haha are you all yawning now?

ryman82006 0

No I have a disability I can only breath through my nose so I can't yawn because when u yawn ur brain is trying to get oxygen

I kind of already assumed you had a disability because of your picture.. But your comment's grammatical and spelling mistakes sealed the deal for me..

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Yawning is highly contagious.

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It made me yawn hahah! Twice.

Bonzer 2

Not until I read this comment. You bastard.

perdix 29

No, but I once read an article about blinking and by the end, I was batting my eyelashes like a flirty schoolgirl!

Bonzer 2

97- now you've got me going.

Of course it it. Yawns are catchi... zzzzzzzzzzz

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I just re-read this & yawned again twice .__.

I was yawning up until I read perdix's comment, then I was yawning and blinking too much and now it's too blurry to read any more comments :(

perdix 29

#138. Whatever you do, don't read the gymnastic fart story! The Chinese are sleeping!

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How did you find out? I mean if you thought he was passionately kissing you


I've done that before, it's nothing to be upset about. Just make a joke about it and poof! An awkward situation has now turned funny and life is good again