By Cassie - 21/05/2011 07:44 - United States

Today, my crush and I were talking on the phone and we were really hitting it off. We got on the subject of sex and I told him I have a purity ring. Then he suddenly said he had to go and hang up. FML
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it won't be the last guy to do that

I find purity rings a bit creepy, considering most purity rings are given to girls by their fathers. You can still hold your values and not have a "purity ring."


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interesting how you associate purity ring with right and lack of purity ring with sex focused. i wouldnt date someone with a purity ring either because i think its nonsense, this doesnt mean the only thing i focus on in my relationships is getting laid. fuck her life because she fell for someone who doesnt share her ideals, and fuck his for having you idiots judging him for wanting a complete relationship with a real person. you do realise two opposing viewpoints can still be correct right?

That should have been his Fml.

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It's sad that I can only see the dirty half of your pic #1. And it's an FML for OP, finally realizing that boys care about sex more than anything. Not that this changes much as try grow into adulthood, but I like to believe I have matured a bit since the hormones first kicked in. Like to believe that anyway..

16: I see your point and I agree with it. If that's the case, though, a simple explanation would be the polite thing to do. By just hanging up, he's not only reinforcing the whole sex-crazed stereotype, but also stereotyping her as someone who would judge him for his differing opinion.

"Then he suddenly said he had to go and hang up" if he just hung up that would make him rude, he said he had to go, that was all he needed to say. nobody knows exactly how he did it, but we know he didnt just hang up on her.

1- I don't think there's another side to that pic except dirty

It's okay, OP gets to go up to heaven today, while he and the rest of us are stuck here for hell on earth. :)

Oh!!! to #1 pic. I think it's a Lil pig in the middle and two bigger ones on side. that took alot of staring at what I thought was male genetalia before I could see pigs lol

Number 1's picture is a baby pig inbetween two big pigs.

damn it 113 found it first:(

Holy crap! You're right lol.. that took forever to realize, totally not a test of a dirty mind because it's way too hard to see the pigs head(no pun intended?). :P

dw, they removed the pic. now we both look crazy...

98: OK, so I phrased it poorly. To me, a sudden "I gotta go" after an exchange like that may as well be a hang-up. My point still stands-- something like "Oh. Well you're a cool chick, but I think sex is an important part of dating" would've let OP know he disagrees and it's a deal-breaker, but that he wasn't just trying to get in her pants. In my opinion, it's just common courtesy. I'd apply the same idea to any deal-breaker-- politics, religion, lifestyle choices like veganism, etc.

Yes because it's great to get married and then have sex because neither of them know what the hell is going on and end up being sexually incompatible. If you can't please each other in the bedroom then cut it off early to save yourself from a future infidelity.

its great being a virgin. i was till i turned 18, only because i enjoyed teasing men so much. every guy i dated thought they would be the "one". now im kinda a nympho. =

i really dont see how being blunt equates to fitting the mould of a stereotype of being sex crazed. odds are he isnt stereotyping her, rather has just lost respect for her.

Kinda like him finding someone that respects his choices? Gotta love the double-standard you're perpetuating!

Fuck that bastard. Find someone worth your time who doesn't just want sex.

Because we think that relationship INCLUDES sex, doesn't mean we JUST want sex

they aren't even dating, and they are talking about it. kid these days....

27: I don't see the problem with talking about sex before dating. Discussing the biggies-- sex, family, religion, etc.-- lets you know of any major worldview differences that might affect your compatibility, *before* you invest your time and emotions. That stuff is just as important as knowing someone's sense of humor, interests, and personal tastes.

She can't fuck that bastard. I would do the same as the guy in this situation. Not because of the idea there won't be sex, but because someone actually wears this stupid trinket.

Damnit, Freeze! I was about to say that.

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totally agree with u. plus they usually turn out to be the biggest freaks anyway once the get that first dick in em

I think purity rings and the idea of abstinence lead girls and guys to ne sexually awkward and then become slutty... Also I think it makes them think anal and oral are ok.

I wouldn't say there was nothing wrong with oral. anal is too far though

Dude, that's like saying the veil Muslims wear are dumb. If you don't agree with someone's belief's thats okay, no one's forcing you. But it's ignorant to call someone's actions based on faith 'dumb' if it doesn't hurt anyone else. If OP wants to wear a purity ring, who are you to judge her for it?

It's called a burqa. Burqas are actually in the Quran, whereas, purity rings aren't. They are tremendously unequivocal.

The point I was trying to make is that wearing something that expresses something in your faith isn't wrong, and that it's not cool to dismiss it as silly or stupid just because you don't agree.

they are dumb... they are meant to veil women and make them all the same. to veil their individuality. what does it matter where the practice comes from, whether its religion or just someone's dumbass ideas

#149 I bought myself my purity ring when I was 12. I love having it as a physical object to the promise I made.

it won't be the last guy to do that

I find purity rings a bit creepy, considering most purity rings are given to girls by their fathers. You can still hold your values and not have a "purity ring."

lmao epic pic

you are suppose to be reminded of your promise of celebacy (sp?) everytime u look at it. I think it's cute and with all these lil whores nowadays and the exploits of 16 & preggers, my future child will have one

Considering you want to push your morals and values on your future child, I pity her. You can still be a good, nice, intelligent and decent person whilst having sex. Don't forget that. Oh, it's also funny you think your daughter won't be having sex because you gave her a purity ring.

What if your future child doesn't want one? And are people so damn weak minded that need a friggin plastic circle to remind to keep their values?? Fuck that. If you don't want to have sex, JUST DONT HAVE IT. It's simple. Purity rings are stupid and the ceremony is on some creepy ass shit, son. Real talk.

20, what the hell is that pic?!

most of the people with a purity ring I know didn't recieve them from their fathers. some were their mothers and some got them themselves.

Having a purity ring is just like a wedding ring... a sign of commitment. That's not stupid if it's what the person believes in.

You're not supposed to have sex til you're married. And also, a purity ring is chosen by the daughter.

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i find it amusing that you call this person an asshole for judging other peoples beliefs but then go on to insult everyone with an opposing view to your own. that shade of hypocrisy doesnt do you any favours.

Dude. I bet you have a purity ring because of the Jonas Brothers? Woooooow.

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You must love the Jonas Brothers

I'm sorry, but the last time I checked, The Jonas Brothers were terrible musicians, and I use the term "Musicians" loosely, and not the inventors of Purity Rings.

can't help it . sex is awesome after all :)

firstly yea sex is awesome but pls do tell me what gave you the slightest idea that I don't do any of the work

well fair enough :/ but pls don't assume next time . it's pretty douche like .

well it's very hard to notice when u called me a lazy bastard . lol

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wow what bout stds u retarded or something u don't gotta have sex to get them..

YOU are retarded. Do you know what STD stands for? Sexually Transmitted Disease. So yeah, you actually have to have sex in order to get STDs. I fucking hate stupid people like you.

Not necessarily. Using a needle previously used by someone with HIV can give you the virus. Or a razor. Or anything that can be associated with the tranfer of blood. ~"I fucking hate stupid people like you."

you can get them off of toilet seats, or transfer of blood.

That's due to aids not just being a STD.

The toilet seat thing is a myth. This is about the only scenario where I can see anyone catching an STI from a toilet seat: the person before you had genital herpes and decided to rub their cooter all over the seat. Then, immediately after they were done, you decided to do the same thing. But really, in what instance are you going to grind your bare genitals on a toilet seat.

that has to be the stupidest comment I have EVER read...... there is NO safe sex retard the only safe sex is not tho do it!!!!

Well, 101, not if nothing monumental happens. Then it's nothing but safe.

...but if youre not having sex then its not "safe sex"...because theres no sex... additionally, safe sex is quite a household term these days, the fact that you dont know what it means is somewhat concerning.

I'm only just realizing how little people know about STIs, safe sex, and what not. It's quite concerning. If you're going to take part in sexual exploits, you should atleast be educated enough to know where STIs come from and how to have safe sex. I thought it was a requirement to take atleast one semester of health class to graduate highschool! Ay caramba.

oral sex can give you STIs just saying

Safe sex= a condom, the pill, etc. However, it is true that condoms can break. You can use birth control pills if you don't like the feeling of condoms, but that doesn't protect you from things like HIV or herpes. And with either of those, there is a chance albeit a small chance, that the birth control could fail, or the condom could break. So, it is technically true that the only "safe" way is abstaining. But, if you use a condom correctly, or take your birth control pills as you are supposed to, there shouldn't be problems.

And abstinence isn't without its risks, either. A pro-abstinence mindset can easily turn into an anti-sex one, which can cause big issues once you're married and/or sexually active.

uhhh you're joking right? there is no STD you can get from a toilet seat! wow i really hope you're joking... OP stand behind what you believe in

This is one of the saddest threads I've ever read.